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[15.09.11] T-ara are full of praise for their juniors, GFriend. "We are envious."

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On the 11th afternoon, T-ara had an interview for their stage on the Asia Music Network Showcase. T-ara members, Boram, Qri, Soyeon and Eunjung attended the interview.
During the interview, T-ara showed endless love for their hoobaes (junior), GFriend. T-ara expressed, "previously our hoobaes were our fans, now we are our hoobaes' fans. They look really pretty while working hard. We are envious."  They added that, "in the waiting room, we're envious when we see our hoobae's performance stages. We definitely have a different image from that. When we think back to our rookie times, we really worked hard like that too."
Eunjung was full of praise for their hoobaes. "We can see how hard they work in their idol life. They look really pretty."


Source: Newsen
Chinese translation via _转身落寞 @ Tiara Tieba
Eng translation by Beckhie @ TiaraDiadem

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