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[15.09.13] T-ara talk about the reasons behind their Hallyu popularity plus current and upcoming activities


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Girl group T-ara revealed the secrets behind being a Hallyu girl group.

T-ara appeared on the recent Asia Music Network Show Case on September 11. AMN is a platform for K-Pop idols and groups and acts as a stepping stone for them to expand overseas. It is a large-scale showcase stage for popular South Korean idols, groups, singers and bands. On the evening of September 11 , T-ara and two more MBK Entertainment’s idols (Shannon & DIA) appear on AMN’s and spent meaningful time together.

Before T-ara’s performance, the girls revealed some secrets behind their Hallyu popularity and their heart-felt feelings as seniors of the other two idols in an interview. On the day of the showcase, Hyomin could not attend as she was in the US. She is the first South Korean idol to have the honor of making the first pitch for Pittsburgh Pirates, a Major League Baseball team. T-ara being an idol group that is almost 7 years old, still managed to practice and perform on stage without problems despite Hyomin’s absence. Soyeon said, “since debut, we have always been active with group activities as well as individual activities. As such, there were many instances where Hyomin was absent, even myself, and other members. Every time one member is unable to perform, we would revise the choreography. Basically, we would have 6 different versions (in any case any member was unable to perform).” Eunjung added, “Hyomin traveled across huge seas to the US, while we are here in Asia. However, all of us will still perform our best.”

Q. AMN provides idols a chance to introduce and prove themselves to foreign music producers/agencies. It is said that T-ara is already very popular in China.

Eunjung: Our China Tour is a very good chance of exposure for us. We constantly meet a lot of Hallyu fans and even managed to clinch several awards. We also managed to clinch the 1st position on China’s music charts and, collaborate with a popular Chinese singer duo (Chopstick Brothers). We were able to feel the love from our fans and are very grateful for that.

Soyeon: Because we spoke to our peers around us, most of them managed to get good results from their Chinese activities, we didn’t think that we're really popular in China. Sometimes, our seniors would tell us about their success too.

Q. After watching quite a few rookie groups that performed on AMN’s stage, we seem to be able to understand the factors that contributed to T-ara’s popularity.

Eunjung: The most important thing is to work hard. No matter what, our biggest driving force is our music. Maybe some would say that our music is not exactly of the Pop genre, but a special color that is unique to us. When we perform with that ‘color’ to our fans, it seems like our music has a melody that is very popular among everyone. Our music is somehow our greatest weapon.

Soyeon: Regarding Chinese’s Hallyu wave, there is not only K-Pop, but also movies, dramas and variety shows. All of T-ara’s 6 members have activities and apperances in various media, and we have experience in variety shows. Our biggest strength lies in the fact that everyone of us has the ability to fit in the various aspects of Chinese media.

Q. What kind of activities does T-ara have in China right now?

Soyeon: Jiyeon has finished filming 'Encounter' not long ago and it will be screened soon. As a whole group, all 6 of T-ara members have filmed our web drama too. Next, we will be be appearing on Chinese variety shows. We will be collaborating with a popular boy group in China, TFBOYS.

Eunjung: It's for the second season of a popular cooking variety TV program called 'Celebrity Chefs China.'

Soyeon: We're very honored to appear on a Chinese variety show with such a popular group.

Q. When you appear on Chinese variety shows, how are you all going to communicate?

Soyeon: If we appear on variety shows, we will need to talk quite a lot. Regretably, our Mandarin isn't that fluent yet. Fortunately, when Chinese variety shows invite South Korean idols, they would take good care of them. We don't feel uncomfortable while filming. There are quite a few Korean-speaking people in China, they probably picked Korean up while following the Hallyu wave. There are also Korean MCs, they'd use translating earpieces too, so we felt quite comfortable during the filming.

Eunjung: We prepared some answers in Mandarin to respond to some usual standard questions, and also Chinese songs to perform. To prove our sincerity, we are constantly working hard to learn and practice Mandarin.

Q. Generally speaking, K-Pop idols owe most of their popularity to their language abilities that appeal to various fans. How do T-ara communicate with their fans, then?

Soyeon: Previously when we had our Japan Tour, we spent quite a lot of time studying Japanese. Although we are still quite lacking in Japanese, all the concerts in Japan were in Japanese. Therefore, we are determined to do the same for our China Tour. However, we are unable to speak Mandarin as fluently as Japanese so we'd prepare the important words that we want to tell our fans and say it at the start of the concert. Of course, there are instances where we have to use Korean too. However, we'd at least learn basic greeting and interesting phrases of a country's national language before visiting it.

Eunjung: Also on SNS. We take pictures and upload them on our SNS accounts before, during rehearsal and after concerts. This is to show our commitment to making our fans feel closer to us.

Soyeon: We prepare some surprise activities every now and then too.

Q. Recently, T-ara just had their comeback with 'So Crazy.'

Eunjung: Our Korean fans have given 'So Crazy' a lot of love. It's our comeback after a long break since the end of 'Sugar Free' promotions. It became a chance for us to reunite with our fans. We also have this ongoing activity where fans wear sunflowers on their heads while watching our performances. Other fans from various countries came down too. It was a good chance for us to bond with our fans' hearts.

Q. T-ara must have prepared many more surprise events for fans, right?

Soyeon: This time round's album should have been a surprise itself. The time of this comeback was brought forward too. This seems like an album and comeback where the feeling to engage and interact with our fans is even stronger. Because we had been busy with many activities overseas, it feels like the time we spend with our fans has shortened. This comeback seems to be more special so we prepared many more surprise events.

Eunjung: We're very happy that our fans watched our performances as if they were a pretty girl group, haha. (Fans wore sunflowers to music shows and events.)

Q. This comeback allowed T-ara to try a more innocent and cheerful concept. T-ara have tried a lot of different concepts.

Soyeon: Red Velvet and Laboum did pretty well too (with different concepts). Although we are quite satisfied with the results of our previous comebacks, we can't really say, "we did exceptionally well." There are quite a lot of regretful moments.

Eunjung: Nevertheless, we still worked hard and persevered till the end. Since we were trainees, our attitude never changed. We are still very determined to do well in our performances. Rather than being innocent, I think that we are more suited for high-spirited and cheerful concepts. Our debut song 'Lies' seemed like a innocent concept, but compared to other groups, it seemed more like a depressing concept, haha.

Soyeon: We always choose those concepts that leave a deeper impression, more likeable and cheerful, so that the public and fans will find the concepts more agreeable. It's a pretty good thing that these concepts seem to differentiate us from the rest of the groups. We're very happy now. So crazy, so happy~

Jiyeon: I really like the concept of 'So Crazy.' Another concept that we did in the past that can make you laugh is 'Roly Poly.' I think it has been 3-4 years already? It's been a long time since we can wear such pretty clothes to show a pretty and cute image. It's been long since we had the chance to engage and interact with our fans too. We wanted to work even harder this comeback for our fans.

Q. What is T-ara's resolution for future activities?

Boram: We will continue to work even harder for future activities. Of course eating healthily and taking good care of our health is of utmost importance too. We hope that we won't fall sick and live healthily. We want to continue this way, we hope that we can be a T-ara that works even harder.


Source: TenAsia

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they always like this, after showcase, concert or live performance, normally we will heard they said they are regret as think the performance can be better.

but like jiyeon said, they quite happy for the ' so crazy ' come back, as this is a song to bring more joy to fans. they also had the chance to engage and interact with fans like plenty fan services and saw fans wore sunflowers to show support.

in the end, they just happy both had fun for this time come back.

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