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[SPAZZ] Just wanna share my story and how i discovered T-ARA

Edward Low

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My story is kinda unique and 100% TRUE . 

One day , i was bored of playing video games on my PC . So , i went to watch some random shows on the TV ....THEN ! I came across this colorful looking video ....the beat of Roly Poly was so freaking amazing ! Too bad i missed the title of the song and the group's name ...so i thought that was a one time experience . Literally the next day , i saw that video again ! But the video finished at the end so i was not able to see what was the song and the group's name AGAIN . Then , a week later . My friend's sister graduated in Primary School , so we went to watch her perform at the ceremony....i heard the song and it was familiar....it was the FREAKING SAME SONG ! It was a live performance , how the heck would i know the song's name ?! Lastly , my mum has disc that her friend gave her to listen to and dance aerobics to . So , she let me listen to the disc and told me the songs are really good . I played the songs and suddenly.......THE FREAKING SONG IS HERE AGAIN !! At that time , i was so excited so i listened to it carefully . Since the chorus is like " Roly Poly ~ Roly Roly Poly ~" , i went to Youtube and searched "Roly Poly" ...And that's where my K-pop Journey started...


This is not the end of my story , T-ARA is the only K-pop group that made me discover that i have the talent for dancing . Again , 100% True story . I listened to "Roly Poly" for literally 8 months non-stop . I thought the "Hustle Dance" in the song was so fun . So , i learned the dance of the song . After i learnt the dance of "Roly Poly" , i learnt "Cry Cry" and "Lovey Dovey" .That time was 2012 between April and May when i learned "Lovey Dovey" . That was the first time i danced "Lovey Dovey" in front of an audience (for a school event). After the show , my brother's friends and my friends are like : "Whoa....he can dance?" I've gotten tons of compliments from students from my school , students that aren't from my school and even adults .


That's the reason why i LOVE T-ara . I think that me meeting them was fate , No matter what happens to T-ara or how much hate they get from haters , i will always support them . It sounds dramatic but this is real . 


I even learned Hip Hop and Popping dances ! LITERALLY ! I can post the video for you guys to watch if you guys want to  :))) 

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Always nice to read stories of how fans got to know about T-ara thought their infectious music. I guess there's a certain sense of nostalgia for all of us to read these kind of stories which brings us back to our own experiences on how we got to know T-ara.


Looks like it was fated that you were destined to be part of the Queen's army. Welcome on board!!

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