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[15.10.15] Eunjung to be the first Korean female idol to star in a Thai movie; filming begins Nov 1st


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Eunjung will be Korea's first female idol to appear as a leading character in a Thai film.

YJ Partners will be taking charge of this movie and Eunjung has confirmed to fly out to Thailand on November 1st to start filming.

Microlove is a sci-fi romance movie about an outgoing wealthy young Thai man, Pat (James Ma), who works at a Korean software company. He privately develops a software and catches the interest of the president’s daughter, Minji (Eunjung) and they create a beautiful love story.

Eunjung plays the role of an elite staff as well the daughter of the Korean software company’s president. Top Thai actor James Ma plays the role of the wealthy young man.

Eunjung will be continuing her activities as a singer in T-ara while filming the movie. She has also starred in numerous dramas such as 'The King and I,' 'Dream High,' 'Sweet Temptation' and movies such as 'White: The Cursed Melody' proving her capabilities as an actress.

James Ma was born in Thailand and grew up in Hong Kong. His manager revealed he had finished his studies in Thailand and is currently very active in entertainment activities.

Microlove will be directed by Saddanapoong Limongtong (tentative name) who has worked with various management teams for movies, music videos, advertisements, etc. He has proved his capabilities in overseas projects as a production coordinator and even producer.

The makings of Microlove is handled by Fehu Infinity, a new generation entertainment company. This movie will challenge the film industry standards and movies only about Thailand.

YJ partners’ representative said, “Ham Eunjung will be starring in this Thai movie. We hope that her role in the movie will boost cultural exchanges between Korea and Thailand for future developments. This is also the first time a Korean girl group idol has starred in a Thai movie, so hopefully this will heighten the Hallyu hype, which would help in Thailand’s economy as well.”


Source: TVDaily

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I'm guessing the movie isn't mainstream, maybe indie. It's becoming a trend nowadays, asian countries importing actors from other asian countries. Ma isn't an A-list actor yet but I hope this will be his breakthrough. Eunjung is older, he is same age as Jiyeon. I hope the story is good so it will be a huge hit.

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