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[15.11.03] Eunjung shares about recent activities, dating and her goals in interview with BNT

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Eunjung whose pure smile is her charm. At the same time T-ARA’s Chinese activities are proceeding successfully, she was casted in a Thai movie, putting a start to global activities.

Having had survived tough times long time ago, the present time is very precious and valuable to her. She stood in front of the camera giving off a mature and feminine feel to her, she was full of anticipation and excitement.

Although T-ara’s splendid image on stage is charming enough, Eunjung, individually, has her own endless charms as well. T-ARA are now travelling around Asia, but T-ARA and Eunjung’s future that’s to extend not only in Asia but throughout the world, how far will it go?

Q. Your thoughts on this photoshoot.

This is my 3rd photoshoot with BNT. Photoshoots are always fun. Last time I took the photoshoot with pilates as a concept, but this time it feels like a fashion pictorial, it was a pleasant and fun (experiment).

Q. Your recent news?

As T-ARA, we released a Korean album on August in the midst of our China concert tour. Independently, I sang the OST for the T-ara web-drama that’s soon to be released. And the song has been out.

Q. That solo track charted no.1 in China.

The song wasn’t a promoted song since it was just an OST but it still received love in China, it’s very thrilling. I’m both moved and baffled. No matter what, I think being in T-ARA put me in advantage.

Q. Do you regularly check the charts?

Fans send it to me. They let me know of the news through weibo or instagram.

Q. How was the reaction to your solo track?

The song itself is very calm and lyrical. I think that I had quiet promotions matching with the mood of the song, but it was also an opportunity in which I personally got to upgrade myself. I felt that standing alone on stage is really something.


Q. Girl group DIA, they came out as the 2nd T-ARA.

I think they’re showing a yet different charm compared to us when we debuted. I, of course, wish them the best, but their colour right now is charming enough so I hope that they become the 1st DIA rather than the 2nd T-ARA. I believe they can gain people’s love through their own colour that’s different than T-ARA’s.

For T-ara, I think having had funky and exciting music and having tried out various concepts, including funny ones that are hard for girl groups to digest, is our own charm. For DIA, they’re all pretty and fresh so I think they will be able to gain enough love from everyone.

Q. For T-ARA, what comes to mind first when seeing girl groups debuting.

Seeing how restless and nervous they are, we can relate a lot to them. We want to encourage them and pat them.

Q. 7 years with the members. You’re like family.

Even if we stay apart for a while, it still feels like we only saw each other yesterday. Even when we don’t necessarily talk, we still know each other’s personalities and preferences well, so it feels like we’re sisters.

Q. Do you ever feel that the reaction of the Korean public has started to improve (towards T-ARA).

I’m not sure. We always feel that our fans are strongly protecting our position, we’re always thankful. I think it’s not right to think in advance of what image and what kind of activities should we do to receive love. If we just work hard and silently then there will be a time where we can be likeable. I think whether people like me or dislike me, it’s not something I can argue about. We’re only in the position to receive the choice, so I believe it’s all up to the public. Rather than having any deep thoughts, I think our job is to just silently carry out with any work given to us.

Q. In contrast, do you find it tiring to think that (the public) still carries hate for T-ARA.

I never have such thoughts. Since the public’s love also determines the popularity, I think it’s a given that we’re at the mercy of the public’s choice.

Q. Do you read the comment from time to time?

I used to check them out a lot in the past but now not as much. I used to go through all the comments before but lately I stop after just reading few.

Q. If they upset you, how do you govern yourself?

If they’re saying something right then I’d prepare to take the next step that matches with (what they’re saying). If the content is something I can’t possibly prepare for then I’d just ignore it. Since I’m the type to comply and accept easily, I quickly prepare for the next step to take.

Q. We heard you got cast in a Thai movie.

It’s called ‘Micro Love’, the filming starts early November. I’m co-starring with a very popular star in Thailand. He’s very gentle and also good at acting. If you look it up, there are many Thai movies that ended up being well-received in Korea too. I’m looking forward to it. You can think of it as a drama with romance rather than the melodrama you’re familiar with.

Q. How is dialogue like?

It’s a big problem. 10% Thai, 20% Korean, and up to 70% English. Since I’m a native Korean, it’s making me so worried. Not so long ago, a fan gifted me a Thai book. I should appreciate her kindness and start diligently studying (the Thai language).


Q. A while ago, Min Kyunghoon choosing you as his ideal type became a hot topic.

Ah, really? That was from 4~5 years ago, who knew it’d suddenly became a topic now. How is Sunbae doing? (laughs). I should thank him since I became a hot topic thanks to him.

Q. What is your ideal type?

Someone who’s passionate in his work, sensible, and courteous. I don’t pay attention to the physical appearance.

Q. You might not even have time to date due your overseas activities.

I believe that one day, I can do everything even if I’m busy.

Q. How did you date before.

If we’re busy then according to our schedules. Although it can cause a handicap (to the relationship) since we’re always busy. I think I had an apologetic dating life.

Q. Even if you’re busy, you still make a beautiful girlfriend.

That’s not evrything about it. What I feel more as I grow older is that looks are not everything. Getting along well and having a good flow of conversation is the best.

Q. What do you do when you’re stressed?

I either stay and do nothing or do the things I like. I like exercising, playing with my puppy, and hanging out with my friends. Or learning something new.

Q. With what exercise do you maintain your body?

I do pilates and PT together.

Q. You must be good at Chinese by now.

I think my accent has improved a little but it’s still a long way to go. I learn through video lectures since I don’t have time.

Q. A remarkable role that remains in your memory the most?

Dream High remains in my memory as it brought me so much love, but character-wise, Queen Insoo was the most remarkable. I usually like historical dramas regardless of their language, but nevertheless, I was given a role that’s originally hard for an idol to digest. At that time, the actors and staff were all generously kind to me, and even when I caused inconvenience due to my leg injury, they still showed so much consideration. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I was during that time.


Q. The job of a singer has a short lifespan, have you ever thought of until when will you be able to continue being a singer?

I think the job of a singer and the job of an actress are the same. However, as long as there are people who still look for me and fans who still support me then I can continue singing and acting, as they’re jobs I want to do and can do.

Q. When will we be able to see your Korean activities again?

This time, we want to prepare thoroughly and carefully then show ourselves. If we start preparing bit by bit then we will be able to meet you by next year.

Q. What’s your goal.

I want to continue receiving fans’ love just like now, and want to repay that love as well. I’m happy just the way things are right now. I hope to continue having activities and hope that my members and families stay healthy. There are many sad and chaotic news lately, but I hope there are only good things around.

Q. When people in the future recall ‘Hahm Eunjung’, how do you wish to be remembered as?

I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard and was sincere. I’m willing to put in my all just to hear “She was so fine”. Just that one sentence is great.

Q. Until now, I don’t think there’s any group who’s as popular as T-ara during their prime.

We always talk amongst ourselves about how lucky we were. Even for our Chinese advancement, we rode on the Hallyu wave that was increasing due to Korean dramas. We luckily ended up gaining popularity in China and started receiving attention not only for our songs but also for our fashion, makeup, etc. I believe that wouldn’t have been easy if not for our seniors paving the way for us.

Q. A word to your fans.

For our Korean fans, they watch over us and support us like our parents so we always feel reassured and thankful. We don’t even know how to express our thankfulness. For our Japanese fans, they would always come to our concerts even in different countries and show us lots of support, it gives us strength. We never thought that we’d be able to hold a tour before but we’re really thankful for the love Chinese fans show us. Our fans in other countries too always cheer on us together regardless of their nationality, it really makes us proud and thankful. When we go overseas and see them all support us with one mindset, it makes us want to learn from them and also makes us feel a sense of responsibility as Korean celebrities.

See Full BNT Photoshoot Here.


Source: BNT

Translation: FY!T-ara

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I very much agree with you. As you mentioned, Eun Jung is very articulate but also very genuine and thoughtful in her answers. I especially loved how she handled the question about DIA and how humble she was about her own success and the success of T-ARA overseas. I'm wishing Eun Jung and T-ARA continued success.

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