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[15.12.10] T-ara become ambassadors for Chinese mobile game, Dream of the Three Kingdoms


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Kunlun Games has announced today that the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Dream of the Three Kingdoms will be available for iOS on December 17th! Wang Sicong, also known as the China’s Husband, has engaged T-ara as ambassadors to endorse the game, which also marks his debut in the mobile gaming industry.

T-ara cosplay as ancient Chinese characters for the first time and will form a team to join the “Dream League."

Three members cosplay as the beautiful ladies of the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Boram as Sima Yi (司马懿 ), Qri as Dong Zhuo (董卓), Soyeon as Xiao Qiao (小乔), Eunjung as Cai Wenji (蔡文姬), Hyomin as Liu Bei (刘备) and Jiyeon as Huang Yue Ying (黄月英); they will participate in a 3 on 3 showdown will be shown in the form of an advertisement.

Furthermore, T-ara will form the first all-female gaming team for 'Dream of the Three Kingdoms' and partake in the Dream League. The 'Dream League' will be an international eSports tournament for 'Dream of the Three Kingdoms' and will invite gamers from all over the world to battle against each other. The winning prize pool will be of 12 million Chinese Yuan/Renminbi (1,863,686 USD.) It is reported that T-ara  are lovers of MOBA mobile games and often play 3 on 3 games among themselves!

Decemeber 17th, Dream of the Three Kingdoms, 30 seconds to get a hang of it, 3 minutes to become a godly player and 8 minutes per match. Grab your  phones and start playing with Wang Sicong and T-ara!


Source: 17173 News.

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Hahaha, Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei king and Sima Yi are male characters.
If I have iphone I will surely play this


I like Romance of Three Kingdoms, almost all story, events, settings, timeline, character are historical base on History of Three Kingdoms, but the most conversation and character personality is fiction.


I didnt know Cai Wenji before read this thread, apparently she was callgrapher and poet. Well there are 600 characters.
I knew Huang Yue Ying after playing Dynasty Warriors and notice Xiao Qiao more.
Xiao Qiao, Cai Wenji, Huang Yue Ying are minor characters. But after I look in wikipedia, I figure they are known well in China


Maybe because major female characters are rare they cosplaying male characters.


Major female character that I know is Diao Chan


LOL hangzhi :V


my app store in autralia region, still it posibble pal ?
or i must have china region?


Can you read Chinese?
I guess language is the problem too. Is it in chinese?

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I searched google and it said: "Huang Yue Ying was known as one of five talent women but she was the ugliest in the history of China" and Jiyeon cosplays as that lady  :blink: Too much imagination.


Anyway, all of them were talent and well-known in China. Love them all   <3

What? How dare they give the ugliest woman to Jiyeon who is the visual of Korea? ...giving it to the #1 most prettiest female idol irl voted by male idol...well I guess since she is talented woman, I will let it slip

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