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[16.01.26] T-ara continues to excel in China, confirmed to appear on Hunan TV Lantern Festival


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China’s trending topic, T-ara.

T-ara has been confirmed to be appearing on China Hunan Satellite TV’s special program for the Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival. A popular show that is broadcasted during the Lunar New Year celebrations in China.

One of the representatives said, “the director of the program personally requested for T-ara to be invited. They are a Korean girl group but it feels like they are slowly becoming a local Chinese girl group and reaching the prestige that can be matched with other Chinese celebrities.”

T-ara officially started their Chinese activities in October of 2014. During a press conference on that day, it was announced that T-ara will be actively promoting in China. There were more than 100 different representatives from various media outlets, including fans and members of the public present, indicating the huge amount of attention they were receiving from the Chinese market. Following that, T-ara received previous interviews and other schedules from China MTV and appeared on many other famous Chinese TV programs.

Just last year, they received a contract from Banana Project, an entertainment company set up by Wang Sicong, son of one of the wealthiest men in China. Furthermore, they held a concert at Guangzhou’s Tianhe Stadium and burst into fame in the Chinese market. They are already currently known as China’s top girl group.


Source: Daily Sports

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The girls need to start brushing up on their mandarin. With such high demand and popularity in China for more than a year now, I think it's wise for them to communicate with Chinese Queen's (or the chinese entertainment industry) without the help of a translator all the time. Mandarin is one of the most difficult language to learn, but I'm sure they can. Hwaiting!  <3

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T-ARA has to believe in themselves that they can be mega popular in China if they are fluent in Chinese. To achieve that, they have to continuously learn the language and put into practice. We can definitely sense some improvement but it can be better. T-ARA should take advantage of their immense popularity in China and push further. They must dare to dream because China is a massive market.

BTW, do you guys know that Dalian Wanda has recently acquired Legendary Entertainment? Under Banana Project, there are tons of opportunities. T-ARA may be forgotten in Korea but they are just beginning to mark their presence in China. Again, T-ARA must believe in themselves and dare to dream.

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I too believe OUR T-ARA❤ have massive, if not infinite appeal and potential in the China Market!

However, I think We may be a little(~sukoshi dake) too impatient for Our own greed and personal gain in wishing for Their insant rebound and Fame?! I realize the 'carrot' is dangling literally in front of Them. But, time will come when We see the light again, and when it does, it will be huge and come with the rewards and all the RESPECT due to Our Princesses without any critisism of a crutch (i.e. Wang Sicong's assistance and influence behind & in front of the scenes)!!! imo。。。。^_^

I am confident T-ARA❤ will become a dominant Idol Girl Group in all Asian Countries as well as the rest of the World in due time with Their shear Talent and Honesty! I too am trying to study Chinese as well as Korean??? Hahahahahaha! OMG??? It is hard!?O.O

Being born in Japan, as a Japanese, raised in Europe as a little boy, then growing up in America most of my life, I almost lost my Mother Tongue completely?! T_T 

First Japanese, then French, then English, then Spanish, then Pigden English in Hawaii!!!??? LOL!!!!

So, I understand Their challenge in learning a different language in a short time?! It is very difficult!

Thank you guys for always bringing us the lateset and grestest info on T-ARA❤ ASAP! I appreciate your hard work.

As an original Fan, Supporter, Donor, Collector, and Family since Their beginning in 2009, T-ARA❤ is My daily beard(rice~^o^)!


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Recently, T-ARA members are starting to post in Chinese (or Pinyin) as we have noticed from their SNS. If you know the language, you would probably laugh (I mean appreciate) at their attempts to communicate in Chinese. LOL. Even their Chinese tutors are also sharing some updates on them.



- Do you want to be my friend? (01/28)

- I am not Dino!! (01/29)


- "Some sentimental words" (01/27)


- "She always posts in Chinese"


- "Some updates from their tutors"

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