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How can T-ARA so popular ?

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How can T-ARA be popular in many countries, whereas all its members come from korea? Very remarkable, they are deeply loved in Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more. Let's support all of its members to stay solid and achieve success again. Many do not like T-ARA but we should be able to keep their mouths shut and let them see how successful T-ARA is



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Images do not tell everything, T-ARA fan chants are deafening. :)

From what I observed from C-Queen's, the pulling factors are the music, the beauty, follow the trend and the story, and gradually over time, "T-ARA" spreads widely by word of mouth (一传十 十传百). However, it should apply to all I-Queen's too.

As for the Koreans (a portion of them).. Well, they made their choice and we made ours, that is the difference. Like I always said, we can make mistake but we cannot refuse to learn from it.


Putting sentiment aside, all good things come to an end, so T-ARA deserves a proper farewell concert. I hope it begins in Japan, China, Vietnam and rightfully ends in Korea.

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