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[18.06.19] A recap of Hyomin and Jiyeon's birthday parties and what to look forward to for their solo acitivities


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Jiyeon and Hyomin held their birthday parties on the June 2nd and 3rd respectively where they showed Queen's an amazing time but also dropped hints on what's to come.

Hyomin plans for a comeback within August. She is preparing 2, possibly 3, versions. Hyomin hinted the title song, which she composed, is comprised of 2 words. While a decision hasn't been made yet, she is considering creating her own personal fan name/club, fan color and light stick. Finally, there'll be plans to visit China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Through games and chats with the fans, Hyomin shared some other fun facts:

  • Her favorite T-ara song is Like The First Time, her favorite solo song is Gold.
  • Her favorite food is chicken.
  • Her favorite type of alcohol is wine and soju. Recently, she's been brewing plum wine for herself.
  • She would like to travel to London and Shanghai. She has visited Shanghai for work but hasn't gotten the chance to enjoy the food.
  • When she has more confidence, she would like to guest on King of Masked Singer and sing T-ara songs. Since the songs are sung by a group, she may not be immediately recognized (i.e singing lines that aren't known to be hers.)

At her party, Jiyeon revealed she will have her own fan name/club and there will be an inauguration ceremony. She will have her very own light sticks too. She will launch her own website, Twitter and YouTube. Jiyeon plans to upload dance related videos to her YouTube. At the end of July, she will have a collaboration with a Vietnam singer. A fanmeeting will take place in Hong Kong on September 8th, before which she will likely release her new album. While unconfirmed, she hopes to have a solo concert towards the end of the year. Finally, Jiyeon plans to return to acting early next year.

Jiyeon also shared some fun facts about herself:

  • The longest she has ever slept is 13 hours.
  • She uses baby powder scented shampoo.
  • When asked what was her favorite cosmetic brand... she responded she didn't know any.
  • A junior who has caught her interest the most is Chungha.

Let's look forward to some amazing works from Hyomin and Jiyeon!

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