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[SPAZZ] What will T-ara do for their 10 year anniversary?

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This year is the 10th anniversary of T-ara. How do you think will they celebrate it?

Will they make a full comeback with new songs/album, will it 'just' be a fan meeting or even only a gathering between the members?

How many members do you think will participate? Only the last for , the original six or even Areum?

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ah, Didn't saw this thread 😆

But yeah I'm thinking about this too and I hope they will reunite with the original six members(since they're all in good terms) :)


I don't think that we'll see Areum again(but I want it too!). Maybe for talking? :) Jeon Won Diary would be nice, tbh!

Songs hmm I think "Bo Beep", "Lovey Dovey", "Cry Cry", "Roly Poly", "Number 9", "Bunny Style", "I go crazy because of you", "why are you being like this", "YAYAYA", "Apple is A+", "Sexy Love", "Day by Day", "Tiamo", "Whats my Name" ... all Songs are addictive!



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