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[19.04.05] Hyomin donates tons of boxes of supplies and food to the victims of the Gangwon wildfire


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Hyomin donated boxes of relief goods to the site of the Gangwon wildfire.

On the 5th, Hyomin posted on Instagram, “In shock, I was worried how I could help even if a little, I thought it’d be best to help the scene directly so today I sent relief supplies to the forest fire site in Gangwon. Currently, victims at the site who need a helping hand are in a desperate situation.

My heart hopes as I write this that many people will join us. I sincerely hope with everyone’s attention we will quickly recover the site! I sent relief supplies to the Administrative Welfare Center in Toseong-myeon, Gangwon

Everyone please be strong together. You can send supplies here to deliver them to shelters:

1. Sokcho City Hall Life Support Dept.
2. Administrative Welfare Center, Toseong-myeon, Gangwon
3. Okgye-myeon Office, Gangneung, Gangwon
4. Goseong Jungang, Ganseong, Goseong, Gangwon”

Her photos included items for residents who are unable to acquire proper meals such as instant rice and yukgaejang cup noodles, as well as bottles of water and wet tissues.

Netizens praised Hyomin’s action and good sense to donate useful goods and sharing information on how others can contribute.

Massive wildfires spread in Goseong, Gangwon on Thursday night, fanned by strong winds. At least one person has died and more than 4,000 people have been evacuated. Firefighters have controlled the main blaze but others are still burning.

Source: Hyomin’s Instagram, Dispatch, Nate

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