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[19.07.29] Soyeon preparing for solo debut, will relay plans in August and meet with fans across Asia


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On the day of T-ara's 10th anniversary, Soyeon revealed some exciting news!

On July 29th, at 10:10 AM, Soyeon took to her Instagram to thank fans for supporting and loving her for the last 10 years.

Since her debut on July 29, 2009, Soyeon has received love from the public as T-ara's main vocalist. While this is Soyeon's debut 10th anniversary, what makes it more meaningful is that it is the 10th anniversary of T-ara, which brought Soyeon to where she is today.

Soyeon said, "I wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary with six members, I'm sorry it didn't turn out like that. However, if given the opportunity any time in the future, I would like to greet the fans together with the 6 members as T-ara."

She also revealed, "after 10 years since my debut, I am working on a solo album. I'll tell you more soon. I'm working hard to greet the fans and public with good music soon."

Soyeon will hold a small meeting with fans in the middle of August and directly relay her current and future plans. Not only domestic fans, but she will greet overseas fans in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries with great music.

Source: Naver

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