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[20.10.16] Jiyeon to star in Kakao Page webtoon adaption 'Imitiation' alongside all-star cast of Jung Ji So, Lee Junyoung, Minseo, Im Nayoung, members of ATEEZ, SF9 and many more


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KBS will air it's new variety drama 'Imitation' in the first half of 2021, featuring an all-star idol cast of Jung Ji So (Parasite), Lee Junyoung (U-KISS Jun), Park Jiyeon; ATEEZ's Yunho, Seonghwa, Jongho, and San; SF9’s Chanee and Hwiyoung, former PRISITIN and I.O.I's Im Nayoung, Produce X101 contestant Yuri, Ahn Junghoon, Minseo, Boys’ Republic’s Suwoong, g.o.d's Danny Ahn, and Shim Eun Jin formerly of Baby V.O.X.

'Imitation', directed by Han Hyunhee, and written by Kim Minjung and Choi Sunyoung, is based on the popular Kakao Page original webtoon of the same name. Since its first serialization in 2014, the webtoon has accumulated over 430 million views, 3.73 million Kakao Page subscribers, and 600,000 registered comments.

Jung Ji So, Minseo, and Lim Nayoung have been cast as members of the girl group Tea Party. Jung Ji So plays Maha, the center of the group, a happy virus with an innate sense of dance. Minseo will the play the role of Lea, the leader of Tea Party, and Im Nayoung will play Hyunji, the visual and former center of the group.

Jiyeon will take on the role of Larimar, the top selling female soloist in the idol world.

Lee Junyoung, Chanhee, Jongho, Hwiyoung, Yuri, and Ahn Junghoon have been cast as the members of the idol group SHAX. Lee Junyoung plays the role of Kwon Ryeok, the center of the top K-Pop group who dominate various charts. Junyoung is a complete with his skills and looks, and unexpected clumsiness.

Chanhee will play the role of Eunjo, a former member of SHAX; Jungho will play Hyuk, the youngest all rounder; Hwiyoung will play Lee Hyun, the vocalist and producer for the group; Yuri will play Dojin, the member in charge of variety; and Ahn Junghoon will play Jaewoo, the leader.

ATEEZ’S Yunho, Seonghwa, San, and Boys’ Republic’s Suwoong have been cast as members of the group Sparkling. Yunho will play Yujin, the center; Suwoong will play Hyun Oh, the former center; Seonghwa and San will play Minsoo and Seyoung respectively.

Danny Ahn will play the CEO of Tea Party's agency, and Shim Eunji will play reporter Byun who tracks idols every move.

The production staff from KBS has said, "we have met with the hot rookies of the present, and the national idols of the 1st and 2nd generation. Please look forward to the synergy of actors who play with their charming characters with their own unique colors. We will visit the dramatic idol world of Imitation and its unique colors with sincerity like never seen before and like a special gift."


Source: Naver

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On 10/20/2020 at 5:17 PM, craZy said:

The forum is past its prime haha, but as an organization we still actively provider news, videos, photos and other resources.

Yeah, I think forums glorious days are 09 to 15. After that, instant messages are taking over.

Im quite a forum poster myself, and make many friends from it.

Its just not this particular diadem forum, but I think all forum style posts are waaaayyy past its prime



And Im deeply thanked you guys at diadem for still active. This is one of my main info for T-ara since Sugarfree introduced me to these Queens

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Additional info. Yeah
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On 20/10/2020 at 18.17, craZy said:

Forum ini sudah melewati masa jayanya haha, tetapi sebagai organisasi kami masih aktif menyediakan berita, video, foto, dan sumber daya lainnya.

I remember when Queen's was long in our country talking that the Diadem forum was very busy.  Queen's who has always been included in the Diadem forum.  But they are now more active on Instagram and Twitter.  It's okay, through any application, as long as Diadem is still around, we Queen's will always be happy

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On 10/20/2020 at 6:17 PM, craZy said:

The forum is past its prime haha, but as an organization we still actively provider news, videos, photos and other resources.

I'm am very thankful this forum still active to update info about T-Ara even though they are not as active as before.

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