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[21.08.25] Jiyeon cast as lead role in upcoming thriller film directed by Yoo Youngsun, Woman of Fire (화녀), alongside Song Jieun and Kim Nuri

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Upcoming film 'Woman of Fire' (화녀/Hwanyeo), directed by Yoo Youngsun, has confirmed a casting lineup of Park Jiyeon, Song Jieun and Kim Nuri. Filming will begin on August 27th.

'Woman of Fire' is a thriller that tells the story of Lee Sooyeon, played by Jiyeon, a famous actress preparing to make a comeback following a long hiatus due to a past mistake but gets caught up in an unexpected event and is headed for disaster.

Song Jieun plays the role of Park Jimin, a passionate fan of Lee Sooyeon who has been supporting her since her debut. Kim Nuri plays the role of Song Gayoung, a junior actress in the same agency as Lee Sooyeon who is loved by the public.

'Woman of Fire' depicts the closely intertwined relationships between a promising actress, her fans and fellow actors and is expected to lead to extreme tension.

Director Yoo Youngsun received great attention for his directional debut, winning the CGV Movie Collage Award at the Jeonju International Film Festival for his debut film 'The Wicked', and has since been involved in a number of dramas and movies such as 'The Vampire Detective' and 'My Lawyer, Mr. Jo'.


Source: Naver.

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