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[10.01.27]T-Ara's Hyomin "Before debuting Eeteuk send me a message via Cyworld"

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T-Ara's Hyomin "Before debuting Eeteuk send me a message via Cyworld"


T-Ara member Hyomin and Super Junior leader Eeteuk draws attention by reveling an story about a message received via Cyworld

On SBS Strong Heart aired the 26th Hyomin declared "Today I want to use the opportunity of being here for asking something" and continue "Before debuting I received a strange message on Cyworld from a popular idol"

Hyomin continued "The message was "What should I do if you swear at me?" Worried, Hyomin, find the cyworld of the poster thanks to his name.

"The person who send this message is here" Hyomin revealed while watching the seat reserved to Super Junior Eeteuk. Then Hyomin identifed Eeteuk as the the person who sent her this message.

Eeteuk explained " At this time SBS announcer Park Sun Young cried on air. While searching on internet, I find a Park Sun Young's cyworld" Eeteuk while looking for Park Sun Young, find Hyomin (whose real name is Park Sun Young) cyworld. Eeteuk continued by saying "Honestly she looked really pretty on her Cyworld picture. Super Junior's Donghae wanted me to introduce her to him, so I sent her this message." he laughed

Hyomin then asked "Eeteuk senior always answer like that on broadcast. So today I want to ask you about it. Because I thought you were honestly interested in me."

Eeteuk concluded this incident by declaring "I admit it, she is really beautiful"


Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/main.php?cmd=new...w&idx=36329

Written by Kim YeNa

Translated by sarang!bang @tiaradiadem

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haha oh dear :( why must u pass to Donghae? :D i doubt that he's innocent here :(

and indeed, the question is so ur style :D

and don't change the topic pls, she asked were u interested in her, not about beautiful or not :P

we can see Hyomin looked directly at him huh :lol:

how funny, those two :D

thank you so much for sharing ^^

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Eeteuk? isn't it Leeteuk? lol...anywayzz...she really is pretty, she's actually the one that caught my eye when I first saw their performance :)

Both can be used, some fans use Leeteuk and other use Eeteuk.

I don't get what the whole "What should I do if you swear at me?" part means, is it just an awkward translation?

This is the message Eeteuk send to her. it could be also translated as 'What should I do if you curse at me' but this is the same thing. There is no really sense but this is what Hyomin said.

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