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[POLL] The best actress in T-ara


Who is the best actress in T-ara  

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  1. 1. Who is the best actress in T-ara?

    • Eunjung
    • Jiyeon
    • Hyomin
    • Boram
    • Qri
    • Soyeon
    • Areum
    • Can't decide!
    • Dani

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Ok as you guys know,a lot of the girls are venturing into acting,now its 5 out of 7(except soyeon n hwayoung).this is quite special among the girl group.(this is one of the advantage of being in mnet

:D )but soyeon has acted in a cameo role in soyeon so...its up to you guys whether to take her into consideration.

So who do you guys think is the better actress?

I will give my vote to jiyeon,at least she can and have handled different characters.i can only remember boram in the cass CF.EVIL BORAM.lol.eunjung is...hmmm.still not there in coffee house.qri in her short drama,and hyomin as the supporting actress in the gumiho drama.but i think its quite evident that all the girls still have much to improve though.

--i will update the poll when areum joins in--

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I think it's between Eunjung and Jiyeon for me, but then I personally think that Eunjung can really act. She's been in a couple of music videos and her acting in Coffee House is great. So, I would choose Eunjung of course. I hope to see her act more in the future :)

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i voted for Jiyeon of course! first it's because she's too young but she's already a good actress and she can act as a ghost very well, even if she's trying really hard to scare the viewers but (i think) they're not getting scared because this ghost is too beautiful.. hmm, i believe that she can handle any kind of roles. anyway Eunjung, hyomin and boram are pretty good in acting too

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I've only seen Eunjung in Coffee House and Davichi's MV but at the moment, I think she's the best actress.

Next is Jiyeon who acted decently in God of Study.

This should be given, right? Both of them were initially trained to be actresses.

On another note, I'm looking forward to see Soyeon act. I think she'll do great in drama. I find her eyes very expressive.

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Guest paradoxurus

So difficult to choose.. :unsure: because all of them act the different character. I think all of them are good and can improve even more.

For now, i think Eunjung and Jiyeon are the best.

Hyomin really funny in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Her character almost like her usual self, very dorky and adorable. Hope she can challenge herself by taking a more heavy role to act.

Don't know about Qri and Boram cause don't watch their drama yet. :lol:

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I think Ji Yeon's has more experience because she's been in more movies and dramas than the other members,

But I think it depends on the role they're playing or what kind of character they play as.

I voted for Eunjung though (:,

I watched 'Coffee House' and she acts really good in there.

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