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[POLL] The best actress in T-ara


Who is the best actress in T-ara  

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  1. 1. Who is the best actress in T-ara?

    • Eunjung
    • Jiyeon
    • Hyomin
    • Boram
    • Qri
    • Soyeon
    • Areum
    • Can't decide!
    • Dani

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I personally prefered EunJung's acting. Ofcause theres no denying Jiyeon's excellent portrayal of her characters. I still remembered Jiyeon's acting in the k-horror drama Soul which has boram in it as well. I fell in love with her acting. EunJung is just pure impressive in Dream High, i mean she made me hated her (ofcoz for the sake of the show only). If you really make ppl hate you, you must have acted well then. Although i'm so glad T-ara members are often cast in horror movies since i'm a big horror fanatic myself. Wishing for hwayoung to be the upcoming new actress keke :)

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I think jiyeon is a good actress, since i've seen more dramas with her in it D; so biased, i can see her portray different characters nicely like in her horror movie or dh2 or gos etc. but idk she was really persuasive and stuff when she was in those dramas, it made me have mixed feelings idek orz. but i think eunjung has nice acting abilities too. ^_^

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