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    As long as Dani would be help to t-ara, i dont mind but.. I really miss 6-ara and those happy times !!!
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    idek... still have mixed feelings about Dani joining T-ara...lol i hope she doesnt have to much trouble with the extremely hectic schedules T-ara has though
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    We have two photobooks, Part 1 (Italy) and Part 2 (Paris and Swiss). Part 1 has already been released and was stated to limited to 7k copies. Not sure what you read on AKP but they likely have their own info mixed up and are not aware that there are two parts. Hwayoung was cropped out from the Italy photos as well though. Maybe you're thinking of the Best of Best covers in which they used Italy photos and Hwayoung was included. So now we have Part 2 (Paris and Swiss) which was as well limited to 7k copies but has now been increased. Now, moving aside from this all, whether it's true that CCM only has a limited number of copies of both books is up in the air as past 'limited' products are still available (versions of Jewelry Box, J-BPBP, etc.). Truthfully, by stating the product is limited, it's practically a marketing scheme by CCM. To quickly attract buyers making them think the photobook will quickly run out. Honestly, people shouldn't even be so concerned over the 'limited' part. If you want the book, just buy it~ I've noted though, Part 1 of the photobook is a little more difficult to buy as it can only be found on a few online stores. For example it's not even on YesAsia.
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    LOL. Also, I feel like as far as a remix goes, this sounds almost identical to the original... Well, except for the beginning. When they said it was going to be a remix I was hoping they'd use the backtrack from the teaser in Day by Day since that was simply amazing.
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    I hope they withdraw Dani out last minute.. Like 6-ARA had to change their choreography to 7ARA. Now need to change again to 8ARA >.>
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    lol that selca has already released agessssss ago Damn, I already forgot about dani. The next comeback will be about the new member again.................................................... Still keeping hope that dani will not join..
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    I'm worried for the dramatic concept change of T-ara, but I like Dani so I hope all goes well for T-ara in Korea.
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    A new maknae will be show by early next year...hope she can bring more fame and famous on T-ara Group.Daebak!!!!
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