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    [15.03.27] T-ara Eunjung's solo debut, "Being Alone Became Comfortable" Following Jiyeon and Hyomin, it has been revealed that Eunjung of T-ara will be the 3rd member making a solo debut. On March 27, T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment revealed, "Eunjung who has a different charm from Jiyeon and Hyomin, is currently preparing for a different concept from the both solo debuts earlier on." Eunjung's solo title track "Being Alone Became Comfortable" is produced by Double Sidekick, who also made hit tracks such as Girl's Day's "Something", Sistar's "Give It To Me" and "Loving U", as well as Leessang's "Tears". "Being Alone Became Comfortable" is a style that has never been showcased in any of T-ara songs thus far. Eunjung will be telling the weary state of lovers through the lyrics and put up a whole new performance never seen before. Eunjung's solo debut date and other details are to be revealed at a later date. Meanwhile, T-ara will be departing for Malaysia's Inauguration Ceremony on March 28, at 6:35PM via Incheon Airport. *** Source: Osen Translation by HanGuoRenx Chinese Translations via t-arachina.cn
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    [PICS] Hyomin at Bonito Island Resort (03/00) For the rest of images: *** Credit: The Bonito Website + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem
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    *** Credit: T-ARA Official Facebook + asah_ara2472@tiaradiadem
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    [iG] Min Young Update feat. Jiyeon (03/27) *** Credit: Min Young + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    Yep! It'll be televised. Also, it's being said that it will be live streamed on the official website: http://kemahkotaan.johor.gov.my/?lang=en/
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    T-ara is to attend the finals stage at Malaysia's coronation ceremony for Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, performing 10 of their hit songs. A member of The Black Eyed Peas, Taboo, will also be making an appearance on the last day of the event to give a perfect closure. On the 26th, organizers revealed the event is to be held after the ceremony, which will last for 4 days, from the 26th to the 29th. T-ara is expected to be the main attraction of the event, to be held at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. During this 4 days event, T-ara will be appearing on stage on the 29th, to perform 10 of their hit songs. As a special mention, the local organizers are heavily promoting on the main guest performers T-ara and Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas. An official stated, "T-ara is already popular among the locals, hence the event this time round will be like a mini concert to them." Performers for this event include internationally known singers The Black Eyed Peas and Korea's girl group Sistar. On a side note, T-ara will be departing Korea on the 28th to attend this event. *** Source: Osen Translation by HanGuoRenx Chinese Translations via T-ara Bar
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    Finally the news that I have been waiting for! Eunjung definitely has the charisma to go solo debut and I am sure it will be a good one.
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    Be it a high belting heart wrenching ballad or bone snapping dance music, I'd take it. no more coffee house 2.0 please. I hope to hear Eunjung's voice as raw as possible, with minimal auto tuning and the likes. it looks like they're going on ascending age solo debut, just hopes qri could get to riff some bass guitar soon.
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    *** Credit: Hyomin's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    [PICS] T-ARA Recorded For Fashion King S3 (03/25) For the rest, visit their respective dot sites. Credit: Duoryan + Songdot + red4summer + TiaraDiadem Season 3 will be co-produced by Korea and China. It will premiere on 25/4 simultaneously on SBS funE and Chinese streaming sites. I read that besides performance and they did fashion show too. However T-ARA episode is not known at this moment.
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    [IG] Qri's Instagram Update (03/26)

    *** Credit: Qri's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    [IG] Soyeon's Instagram Update (03/26)

    *** Credit: Soyeon's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    [IG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (03/26)

    *** Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    [IG] Qri Update (03/13)

    [iG] Qri Update (03/13) •_•;;????????? 아 몰라몰라몰라요 #오대오 당분간 허락하삼 #가르마바꿈 #기분따라 #뭐그냥 #달라보이고싶어서 #똑같겠지만 #시도라도 #꿀꿀하니껭 ^.~ Credit: Qri Instagram + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    [PICS] Jiyeon snapped a photo with Seo In young Credit: In young Instagram + Princess Pril @ tiaradiadem
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    [PRESS] Hyomin at Tokyo International Film Festival Green Carpet (10/17) - UPDATED For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2087-tokyo-international-film-festival-102013/ For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2087-tokyo-international-film-festival-102013/ Credit: asiae + jpnews + Dognybba + tiaradiadem.com pics 21~64: asiae + osen + tvreport + jpnews
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