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    On the 11th, a representative from Think Entertainment (생각을보여주는 엔터테인먼트는) said, "we have signed an exclusive contact with singer and actress Soyeon. We will generously support her various activities." Think Entertainment houses actor Hong Rok Gi, singer and actress Han Young, model Han Hyejin, 'Miss Trot' Jeong Miae and Kim Soyoo, 'Mister Trot' Kim Hojoong and Youngki, and various others. *** Source: Naver Think Enterainment official website: http://thinkent.co.kr/
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    T-ara's Jiyeon decorates the cover of MAG & JINA, showing off her luxurious visuals and covers stories of being a YouTuber and influencer. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all the concepts from innocence to a chic sexy charm, showing us her peerless class. T-ara’s Jiyeon showed off her luxurious visuals and decorated the cover of ‘Mag & Jina’ Jiyeon edition, detailing about her YouTuber and influencer story. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all concepts from innocent to chic and even sexy, showing us her peerless class. 11 years into her debut, Jiyeon received the Silver Play Button 10 months after starting her JING TV YouTube channel and the love from the public, and is starting the second heyday of her life. “As a singer, actress, and creator, I want to keep my place. Without any greed, I want to communicate with my fans as happily as I can now,” she revealed her candid feelings through the interview. “I will steadily show you a glamorous side on stage as a singer, various charms as an actress, and a friendly side like I'm your friend through YouTube. I will also show you a new side of me on stage soon, so please look forward to it,” she said about her aspirations. In the MAG & JINA pictorial released on the 15th, Jiyeon radiated colorful charms, showing off her goddess beauty while wearing a white dress maximizing her innocence, going back and forth between chic and sexy with a black suit and a strong dress. In particular, an overwhelming gaze with drowning strong eyes and a seductive expression, boasting her unrivaled beauty Jiyeon perfectly digested the concepts through her various poses and expressions for each cut in a unique atmosphere at the photoshoot site, evoking praise from the staff. Meanwhile, Jiyeon is actively communicating with domestic and foreign fans through her YouTube channel JING TV and is considering her next work. See full the photoshoot in the Diadem Gallery. *** Source: DailySports, StarToday
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    It has been 25 years since making her debut in 1995's Little Miss Korea. From a child star to a member of T-ara and a successful actress, there's no end to Hahm Eunjung's journey. Rather work than rest, she pours all her energy in every moment. This is how she spent her 20s. How are you these days? I'm preparing for the play 'Les Misérables'. It's my first challenge at a play, I'm nervous but I'm practicing with great actors like Park Woong, Oh Hyunkyung, and Im Dong Jin. I study even on the days without practice. I'm not use to receiving immediate feedback from the audience. There is a lot to learn. I'm studying childhood memories of when I was in a child musical. Fortunately, I have a good voice thanks to being a singer (laughs). Another advantage is thanks to often doing concerts, I'm able to maintain my energy for a long time. What do you want the audience to see? I want you to see the stage of T-ara. Looking back when I was in T-ara, I poured all my energy into every moment. There are still many people who know me as 'T-ara's Eunjung', I'd be happy if you would think "I'm a child who worked hard then and now." Of course, that doesn't mean I want to stand out on stage. I think team harmony is the most important, so my priority is to permeate that through the team. Is this Hahm Eunjung's biggest concerns these days? That's right. These days I'm immersed in preparations for the play. I'm looking into all the 'Les Misérables' content that's come out before, it's so fun. It's fun to reinterpret a character with your own colors. Because of that, I won't give up on stage acting after 'Les Misérables' is over. You can see the audience in real time, and it's particularly charming to live through an era completely different from now. As I prepare for the stage, it's fun to communicate and exchange feedback with the production crew and actors. I think it's a good thing I'm doing a play. What do you do when you're not working? Meet friends. Actually, except for the members of T-ara, I have almost no celebrity friends. I often meet with ordinary friends. When we meet, we have a lot of everyday conversations. I have few married friends so they're mostly worried about work life. On the other hand, I complain about the hard times I have during my activities. They are friends who have no contact in this industry so I often give them advice. I like to chat and get energy from my friends. We can't skip talking about dating. When I was in my 20s and confided in my friends that I was worried about dating, there'd be a heated discussion. It's different now. I can listen to any number of worries, but I can't advise them quickly. I realized the problem needs to be solved between the man and the woman. Naturally the way I see the opposite sex has changed a bit. Now I like a relationship where we can naturally permeate into each other's lives. That intense love in which I have throw in my everything is tiring. Do I have any thoughts on dating? I'm not lonely right now (laughs). I don't think I want to stay single for long, but I'm at the height of my work right now. There are so many fun things besides dating. You have an image called 'healthy beauty'. I'm a little embarrassed to hear that now. These days I can't exercise very well due to preparing for the play. I watch YouTube videos and do home training instead. I wish I could force my body to maintain strength and elasticity. I don't think there's anything besides Pilates and fitness to build a pretty body. But now days because of COVID-19, we're unable to exercise in groups. It's troublesome, but even if you give up in the middle because it's hard, I hope you can try home training. What are your hobbies these days? In the past, I was busy working and clearing my head as much as possible. So I lived without knowing what I like. So I started exploring. I'm still getting to know myself since it's a broad area. These days I enjoy listening to City Pop from 1980s to 1990s. I'm interested in interior design and furniture arrangement. Once I'm independent, I look forward to decorating my own space. I like to see art so I visit galleries often. There's also a YouTube channel in my name. When I have a schedule, I make content for my vlog. These days I'm very interested in trivial happiness. Drink coffee from delicious coffee beans, I like the feeling when I cover up with a fluffy blanket and listen to music. How do you feel in your 30s? I feel secure. If I couldn't manage my personal feelings well before, I can control my emotions now. I've become more responsible for my actions. It's the same for when I'm working. In my 20s, I was working with cooperative staff and seniors with more experience than me, when I was caught in between, I felt a responsibility to play the middle ground between the generations. When there's a communication barrier, I want to understand each person's position and solve it so they are not embarrassed or uncomfortable. I've never thought of this before because I'd be in a hurry to work. However, regardless of your job or age, as time goes by you feel the importance of people. I like these changes within me. I am more satisfied now than I was in my 20s. Maturity. How do you compare to when you debuted? It's been 11 years since T-ara debuted. Looking back, I think the times have changed rather than I have changed. There's a variety of channels and content now, media was TV centered media back when I was active. It's an environment that gets more attention now; I think I was lucky I got to be in a girl group at that time. On the other hand, I like this recent atmosphere that recognizes and respects others. A lot of malicious comments have disappeared. In a fast changing world, I always think I need to be well-anchored. You made an early debut. Do you regret not enjoying anything? If there's good, there's bad. Since I was a child, I thought it was natural that I couldn't have everything. So I think I was quick to accept it and give up. You receive attention, including praise and criticism, that ordinary people don't get. I get to do what I like, and earn money if I do it well. Naturally, some things you have to endure. When I'm busy, I rarely get to see friends or travel on my own. The number of travel destinations I've been to, international and local, I can count on one hand. But I don't hate it. Is there a driving force that supported you during times of difficulties? It might be obvious but my driving force is my fans. When I think of my fans, I get excited. I feel happy like, "wow! I'm loved!" It's what keeps me going. Thank you all, I'm really grateful that you're always there. In fact, a fan's love is similar to romantic feelings, even if they lose interest. Nevertheless, it's amazing and I'm grateful they always maintain that love for me. There are often times I get caught up in the thought that I'm alone while working. I hope they know I endure thanks to my fans. In your filmography, do you have a favorite work? I like JTBC's Queen Insoo the most. I played the young counterpart of senior Chae Shi Ra, who played the role of Queen Insoo before in KBS' the King and Queen. It was a considerable burden. In the drama I played an eventful journey of an ambitious, immature girl who is expelled from the palace, I studied for it a lot. It's a work I can't forget because it took me further as an actress. How do you feel when you look back at your old works? I've been on re-runs quiet often these days. I get shy every time I see it. (laughs) It's new to me because I think to myself, "that's how confident I was in acting."Apart from being good at acting, I had a "I can do it!" confidence. I feel stimulated watching myself. Even with the same role, each age group expresses it differently. I think that's why a job as an actor is attractive. There are many fans waiting for a T-ara reunion. Last year was the 10th anniversary of our debut, but it's too bad we couldn't do anything. Actually I receive love calls frequently and the members often talk about when to reunite. But each of us have different circumstances, so it's realistically difficult. But the thought of wanting to show something in the near future remains unchanged. What would you like to show? Something completely different from 'T-ara's' time. "You're grown up now," we start with that image then summon the original 'T-ara'. Sounds fun, doesn't it? (laughs) How is Hahm Eunjung different from the stage? People who know the true me say my image in T-ara was completely different. I often show T-ara music videos to the other actors of 'Les Misérables', the best response is "you're a different person." When I was in T-ara, I mainly had a concept with smokey makeup. I wanted to create a gap from my real image. A 'rich (in charms) character' as they say. Back then it was said, "Eunjung's makeup has personality." Now I'm more a 'real character'. I'm good at aegyo with close acquaintances. I don't compete or fight. I like being a cute happy person. How many points would you give your hard work? That's difficult. Well, I've give myself 85 points. I thought about the days to come and scored myself generously. I think I can give myself a high score. More than anything, whatever the situation, I want to give myself a high score for making it this far.Even if the environment around me changes, I will not falter. How can it always sunshine and rainbows I guess. I thought I'd lose myself if I falter and get carried away by my emotions. It's a creative occupation without a manual. Depending on how you live every day, changes accumulate. So from now on I'll live without faltering. What are you goals for the second half of the year? 'Les Misérables' starts in August. The primary plan is to end it well. After the play is over, I think I can greet everyone through a drama or movie. Personally, what I want the most is a chance to meet my fans quickly. There are many overseas fans from China, Japan, Vietnam but it's difficult to meet face to face because of COVID-19. I want to continue communicating with them even online. Please wait a bit. *** Source: Woman Sense
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    Eunjung has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, Cabin74, announcing a new start. On April 8th, an official from Cabin74 said, "we're happy to inform a new beginning with Hahm Eunjung, who has various talents such as music, acting, entertainment, etc. As we each start anew, we plan to do our best to to create synergy so that we may grow together. We will be showing more diverse activities, please give Eunjung lots of love and interest." Eunjung recently appeared on SBS Law of The Jungle and is considering her next work. She is also currently appearing on her own YouTube program alongside KARA's Gyuri, Beauty & View. *** Source: Naver
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    During the interview, T-ara’s Hyomin was crying. It has been 7 years since the so-called “T-ara Scandal” happened in 2012. When asked, “do you think the people’s perspective of T-ara has changed?” Hyomin shed tears to her “memories” up to this point. At one point, T-ara was the idol group receiving the most criticism in Korea. During T-ara’s last activity, they cried when they saw the audience singing with them, which might have been a natural thing. “There were times when the audience would turn their backs to us while we were performing. That’s why we were very surprised (when they sang together with us). Because of that, we tried our best to sing even harder.” When T-ara won their first 1st place in 5 years on a music program, Hyomin also cried, and Jiyeon and Qri were both in a fit of tears. Hyomin said, “that was a music program where the fan vote ratio was particularly high. We knew that our fans must have tried their absolute best to give us 1st place, so when we think about all the difficulties our fans must have gone through, we shed many grateful tears,” and thinking back to that day, she cried again. “People usually say that you will forget about it as time goes on. I absolutely do not think that at all. I will never forget the things that I have experienced.” The “T-ara Scandal” is an event that Hyomin can never erase, and it has become a memory that she will embrace towards the future. Hyomin has merely lived with the feeling of “taking it in, and heading towards a better direction” up to this point, and she will probably continue to living with such feelings. Even though this is a publication commemoration interview for her new solo song, “why am I crying so much?” asked Hyomin as she cried while shyly laughing. For her parents’ sake as well, she was not able to give up on herself. She also conveyed that it is also because there are fans who have shown courage and supported T-ara more than anyone else. “If I were by myself, I probably couldn’t have withstood it,” Hyomin told us. “When we had difficult times, the members supported each other. It was probably because we had the same dream. Even though we had many difficult times, the only moments we were happy was when we prepared for the stage and performed.” To commemorate T-ara’s 10th anniversary, the members are preparing to give the fans a precious memory. For Hyomin, who has experienced many things during these 10 years, her wish is a simple one. “I want to create good memories, even if it’s just a small one, with my friends and the staff I’m working together with from here on out.”
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    Q: Status (how are things going)? Eunjung: I've started activities after meeting a new company. SBS' Law of the Jungle in Palawan just aired and about 3 weeks of broadcast still remain. Of course, the biggest issue for me is that I'm broadcasting with my close friend, Gyuri. For 2020, I'm also the ambassador for Chunsa Film Festival, but due to the corona virus, it seems activities will start in June. Q: A simple greeting message to the fans after a long time. Actually, now seems to be the time to look forward to many different things from us. In 2019, we celebrated T-ara's 10th anniversary, because we didn't make a comeback since our last album 3 years ago, I seem to miss that time the most. Rather, even more so because it hasn't been that long. However, as always, I'm thankful to my fans who say "if you're happy, it's ok," because of that I thought, "I should do what my fans like (to see)." As always, I hope both my fans and I will continue like this. Q: Not long ago through V LIVE, you showed yourself with the T-ara members. Eunjung: I worried a lot about what to do for the 10th anniversary. We met the fans through V LIVE after a long, it was really fun, if I have the opportunity, I want to even communicate offline in person. Q: How do you feel about being the MC of beauty variety program, 'Beauty & View'? Eunjung: I was so happy when I heard I was broadcasting together with Gyuri, because she's a friend I can confide in and am most comfortable with. It feels like we're classmate friends. When we met on the same road (T/N: working together), I was worried there would be a strong sense of business, rather our personalities fit so well so it seems we can maintain our friendship. We fit really well (laughs.) Q: As friends of 10 years, how did you become friends? Gyuri: I don't exactly remember but it seems we became friends during broadcast activities. At the time, there weren't many 88-line female idols, then when Eunjung debuted, I think one of us came forward and said "we're the same age." After our first greeting in the music program hallway like that, we met again in private by chance and became friends. Eunjung: Of course I was the junior so wasn't it me who had to greet her first (laughs.) It seems we naturally became friends without a special occasion. By the time I made my debut, because KARA was becoming popular with "Mister", Gyuri felt difficult to approach as a senior. Even now, being close friends is really amazing. If we weren't close friends, I wouldn't be able to comfortably show my true self to Gyuri. No matter what I do, Gyuri takes it well and my personality comes out even more. Gyuri: I like Eunjung's forward style. Because I'm not the style that puts myself out there first, I felt comfortable with Eunjung's personality. So, maybe I've become more open minded. Q: Briefly introduce 'Beauty & View'. It is a 'sprouting beauty creator program' to frequently communicate with global fans. Because Gyuri and I appear, it has global capabilities and consists of viewers of various nationalities, sometimes I think "ah, we're still global idols," (laughs.) Q: Have you ever done a beauty program before? Eunjung: Gyuri still MCs a lot, I've only appeared as a guest. Q: The program's concept is "beauty creator challenge." Eunjung: I don't usually wear fancy makeup, same goes for Gyuri. Since I wear natural makeup or what the directors give me, it's a bit difficult to study trendy makeup. So I learned through YouTube. I can recognize and interpret the final appearance really well, but the previous process is difficult. Q: Today is the third shoot, how do you feel? Gyuri: It's day 3 but it feels much longer. It feels like 3 months? (laughs.) We work with our production staff really well. Eunjung: They're a good match with us (laughs), it really feels like we've been doing this for a long time. Q: What kind of content did you show today? Eunjung: In the previous broadcast, as born again creators, we showed our bare face, learned new words, tried (magazine) cover makeup, from today we'll be doing more upgraded content. It's not been released yet! (laughs) Here's a hint, it feels like we're brushing up and upgrading beyond makeup to lifestyle. Q: Skin type? Eunjung: I have a complex dry type. I've applied makeup so often so I have sensitive skin, I manage it with natural ingredient products. Moisturizing is the most important thing. Q: Your skincare or makeup secrets? Eunjung: When it's too dry, I manage with moisturizing cream and apply plenty of good quality incense oil. I care for my mind and body rest together with skincare. Daily lip care is possible by using moist skin toner on a cotton pad and applying it to your lips. Q: Your best makeup look in past group activities? I remember my makeup from T-ara's 'I Go Crazy Because of You' the most. It was a concept that showed off a short hairstyle with matching makeup. Should I say those who knew me before can't recognize me? It was a concept born in the hands of experts, since then I continued to use smokey makeup. On the other hand, 'Tiamo' showed an innocent concept. I haven't thrown away the smokey look, but I thought, "I can show a feminine look now." Q: Is there any kind of guest you want to invite to the program? Eunjung: I wonder what skin care tips you (Gyuri) have because you really have a baby face. Although we're close, it's hard to ask that (laughs.) I want to see stylists, fashion designers, make up artists, magazine editors. Photoshoot and actual real life makeup products are very different. I'm interested in those areas. Q: Is there anything you want to show on the program moving forward? Eunjung: I think if we go on a trip together, we can show a more fun side. The items I use on a trip are different because of different beauty styles, so I think it would show a different side. Through that we can show beauty and lifestyle together. A program that gives missions like Olive's Master Chef Korea would be really fun. We're the competitive bulldozer type (laughs.) Q: Who do you think is a "skin genius" celebrity? Eunjung: Personally, Kim Hee-ae senior. A long while ago, there was a MBC's Infinite Challenge scene I saw at the airport by chance, I still envy her image. Q: Celebrities with trendy makeup? Eunjung: Lia Kim. She's not a celebrity but when I saw her on MBC's Radio Star, I felt she showed a very hip style. Whether she keeps her hair long or short, red lips or eye makeup trends, she expresses her own colors well. Q: Roll models? Eunjung: When it comes to the course of life, I think of those who have established themselves as actresses following a girl group, I think the indicator is starting afresh. If I have to say a role model as an actress, Jeon Doyeon senior. I'm impressed with how she can play a spectrum of roles like a chameleon. You may not know this, but when I was active as a singer rather than an actress, she was a great source of strength. I thought, "because there is such a senior, I want to be a wonderful person too." I thought about it often. To act so well even without changing your appearance; I'm envious because I have to transform myself to get into character to show it beautifully. Sometimes when I hear, "I grew up watching Eunjung, I want to be like her," it makes me want to promise to live and work hard. I look back and think about how I'm someone who can influence a person's life. It may be an old song, but it has a feeling of a message like "I heard this song when I was young, I'm still listening to it as we grow up together." It's feels even more special that they send this message to us first, instead of us sending it first to them. Recently, "tapgol" has been trending and I've been looking back, but looking back in our past, it must've been overwhelming being our fan. I thought, "there is a path I have to take moving forward, but the road I have been walking on till now is really precious." (T/N: Tapgol is a park in South Korea that it is frequently visited by the elderly, the name has become a slang/meme for old content, e.g. Yang Joon Il, the GD of the 90s.) Q: What kind of role do you want to take on? Eunjung: Rather than telling you the role I want, "I just want it!" (laughs.) No matter what role I receive, I work as if I'm fitting and sewing a tailor made suit. My personality is lovely and bright but I haven't played a lot of roles like that. I think I can act well if given such a role. Q: 'Beauty & View' is committed to earning 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Will you make a commitment for 1 million subscribers? Eunjung: 1 million? Isn't that a big goal? (laughs) I'm so surprised, my jaw hurts. Then, if we earn 1 million subscribers, let's take a few people and go on a trip. (laughs) Opening a beauty class would be good. Q: Determination and goals while doing 'Beauty & View'? Eunjung: Each episode feels precious. Because it's a window to frequently communicate with fans and the public, it's the first time I'm able to show you what I have in store early in the morning. It's comfortable like a broadcaster with a close friend. I plan to show different sides of this program for viewers to love. Even when 'Beauty & View' is over, I would be grateful if you could show Gyuri and I the same attention as you are now. Q: Future plans? Eunjung: I'll be showing various works domestically, starting with the Chunsa Film Festival in June. Because I was previously focused on overseas schedules, I would like to greet fans in Korea this year. We've held small fan meetings each season but it seems we should wait because of the corona virus situation this year. Q: A supportive message for those struggling with corona virus. Many people are taking precaution so it seems we're getting through it well. Moving forward I hope there will be less hardship and it will end as soon as possible. I hope you will get to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy the warm spring. Be sure to watch our 'Beauty & View' from your room (laughs.) *** Source: BNT News
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    "Everyone goes through a slump. Now my heart says 'let's properly start again'. I want to greet everyone with a firm, steady and good image." After a 5 year break (T/N: excluding her Netflix drama), actress Jiyeon has returned. 'I Wanna Hear Your Song' is a mystery rom-com about a timpanist, played by Kim Sejeong, who lost her memory on the day of a murder and is searching for the truth with the help of a strange man. Jiyeon plays the role of the outspoken violinist, Ha Eunjoo. The last time Park Jiyeon came out as a solo artist was while T-ara was active. And the time she felt afraid, she fell into a slump. However, those times helped her become who she is today. "I've become more greedy. I feel happy now. I want to share it with the people beside me and have fun with many people." Zenith News met with Park Jiyeon at a cafe in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. After her work as an actress, Jiyeon revealed her plan to expand as a solo singer and other new activities. Q. It's been a while since we saw you on the small screen. You chose to return with 'I Wanna Hear Your Song'. It's an unusual choice. It's been a long time since I've done this. Regardless of the results, I met good people and was happy to be a part of it, I was happy. I think it will be a memorable project. Q. The drama combines various genres such as romance, comedy, mystery and thriller. It has mystery, rom-com, and music. In fact it's a difficult genre. I really wanted to challenge Ha Eunjoo's character of an attractive violinist. Q. Can you play any musical instruments? I can't play any instrument. Haha. I don't have such talents. Filming started in April and we filmed for 5 months. I practiced the violin for over a month. I played the violin for the first time. It was very difficult. I got a bruise on my chin. In fact, people who play the violin have traces on their jaw and collarbone. Q. What about Ha Eunjoo attracted you? I felt she was a cool, vengeful character who was outspoken with her words and actions. Especially when she hides her pain but expresses herself in front of loved ones, it was really touching. That day (in the drama) Eunjoo was put down all day, she couldn't even get in touch with the person she liked because he was with another woman. It was a one sided romance. It's a scene where a woman in love was really hurt. Q. Do you have any regrets about the romance? Eunjoo and Juwan's (Song Jaerim) relationship is very ambiguous. So there is a lot to be desired in their romance. As the mystery developed, Eunjoo didn't have a lot of parts. The writer held my hand and told me "I'm very sorry", but I don't think I was disappointed. In the long run it's just too bad because my heart wants to remember a lot of precious memories. Q. Is there something about Eunjoo you care to express? The writers and director said they wanted to be sure there was a contrast about the character. So that it could be easy to understand the character, I rehearsed with the other actors so that we were in sync. It's been a long time since I've worked, at the meeting before filming began, I told them "it's been a long time for me, there's a lot I don't know so I hope you'll help me". A lot of the staff really helped me. Everyone felt comfortable, and we had fun filming. Q. You returned to the small screen after a long time. Did the members of T-ara support you? We give each other feedback like "I enjoyed watching you. You worked hard." Haha. We're really like family. Between us, I'm the most straightforward. Without speaking, I can coolly tell all your feelings and worries. Q. I'm sure there was big expectation and reactions from fans. It's been 5 years since I've worked, my heart is sorry and I'm also very thankful. I couldn't read comments like feedback while I was working, but I didn't want to read or see as much as possible. I don't think I can get use to malicious comments. No matter how much hurt and pain I've endured, because when it hurts, it hurts. So I regained confidence and strength from the fans' reactions. They're very precious to me. And my parents liked it too. It's been a while since I've worked and I'm happy they enjoyed watching. For me, my fans and parents are very similar. They've been supporting, watching, and waiting for me with the same heart. I'm very thankful. Q. It's been a long time since you were out on the scene, has anything changed? Working hours. In the past, you would film overnight without sleep for months, now the atmosphere is better because of the law. If you can't sleep, continuous filming makes you sensitive. It's a good change that considers the safety of the staff and condition of the filming sites. There's a part in the drama where we filmed a murder case that could've been dangerous, it was done without any accidents. We talked about our good fortune at the finale party. Q. What was the filming site atmosphere like? We finished really well. There were many staff members I met 10 years ago. I met a lot of people from my other works like 'Master of Study'. They remember me playing "seobang, seobang". They were surprised to see me play the role of the outspoken Ha Eunjoo who hits people. It felt strange. Haha. When I didn't know any better, I could do it without fear, ignorance is bliss as they say, after I learned, I became more concerned. It was a place where I was very thankful for all the help. Q. It took a long time for you to return after T-ara's activities. Is there a reason? I think everyone goes through a slump. I had no motivation at the time. Why should I eat this, I was so exhausted I didn't know why I had to go out and meet people. I had no confidence, I couldn't do anything. I spent most of my time with my parents. And then I met my current company, we would often eat rice together. When things became hard, they helped me a lot. It was my company and work that pulled me out of it, they gave me confidence. I'm sincerely very thankful. I know the feeling again of meeting people face to face and working in the field. That made me so happy. Now I have the heart to "get started again". I want to greet everyone with a firm, steady and good image. Q. You referred to your hiatus as a slump. Was it the first time you went through that? It's not the first time. Like there are sad and gloomy days, this void felt the biggest. It was very dark. It was the time the T-ara members scattered and stood alone. I think it was the most frightening time ever. But I did not collapse thanks to my fans, I think I can see things with a wider perspective now. Q. The T-ara members are singers, you are making your way as an actress. Why did you make your first steps as an actress instead of a singer? There's no reason. I focused on showing myself as an actress first. I wanted to learn professionally. I received good care from my company. The people in my company are really good people. I could trust them because they wanted to see me happy. I became even more confident. Q. Do you plan to return to the stage as a singer? I've been preparing for an album for a long time. There was a communication issue with my Chinese company. I also stopped for a while in order to focus on the drama. Now that the drama is over, I plan to make a comeback by the end of November. I want to show fans a more cool Jiyeon on stage after a long time. Q. Any new works or character greed? Until this drama, it was always a one-sided romance in school. There were a lot of villains. But this is the first villain I played as an adult, I think that has a different charm. It suits me. Sometimes people ask me in surprise, "why do you seem so scary?" Haha. Next time, I want to try a lively rom-com. An upbeat role would suit my age right now. I want to try a calm story of people living in their 20s. I think I'm really greedy. Till now I've been a bad guy, I want to win a righteous friendly role, I want to do action well. I think there will be many opportunities. Before, I would be anxious and nervous, now my mind has grown broader. My thoughts have deepened. Q. Has your greed for activities grown? It's been a long time since I worked, I kept pushing myself. I wasn't satisfied with any activity. It didn't make sense to have an activity I was satisfied with, it was like I was too complacent. But I feel happy now, and I want to share it with the people beside me and have fun with many people. Q. Are there any regrets about your group activities? Recently Fin.KL reunited as a whole on JTBC's Camping Club. As someone who has been active in girl group for 10 years, it looks perfect. We're senior idols. In fact, we're in the process of uniting. We're progressing slowly so we can build our careers, I'd like it if we could do it at least once someday. I wish all the girl groups that are our friends could be active. Q. What are your plans for other entertainment programs? I want to do entertainment programs. But I think entertainment is the hardest. I want to challenge it, but for now I want to focus on my album. Can't I try it after it's done? Haha. Q. Your fans are a big presence to you. What does that mean? I'm here because of my fans. Really. My most precious beings. They're a big source of strength. Like a friend, sister or brother. I'm always sorry and grateful to them. I want to repay them with a loved image. I continue to be empowered because of our relationship. Q. Are there any plans for a fan meeting? Like a fan meeting, I think the closer we meet the better. My fans become happy and so do I. It's been a long time since I've been with my fans. It's an affectionate relationship. We've been through so much that we've become this close. They're a precious presence I learn a lot from and who always make me stronger. Q. What are your plans and goals for the future? I don't want anything more than what I have now. I think I am my happiest right now. Like now, I want to be happy with the people around me and I want to show you I am gradually perfecting and bettering myself. There is no greater greed. It's the best thing to do for the longest time. I've found happiness. *** Interview by Zenith News: Part 1, Part 2.
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    T-ara member turned actress, Park Jiyeon, certainly made a strong impression with viewers through the KBS drama 'I Wanna Hear Your Song.' 'I Wanna Hear Your Song' is a mystery rom-com about a timpanist, played by Kim Sejeong, who lost her memory on the day of a murder and is searching for the truth with the help of a strange man. Jiyeon plays the "queen of push-and-pull" and "femme fatale" violinist Han Eunjoo. The naturally gifted 2nd violinist of the orchestra with good looks and a spicy charm, she is the romantic interest of many men, a "queen of dating" heart breaker and push-and-pull player. However, she did not give up on singing. "Recording in progress with a Chinese company. It's scheduled to be released in late November. Within this year for sure is the idea. I couldn't decide on the title song. Our staff took a vote," she said and laughed. As for T-ara's reunion, "we're trying our best. It's not easy because we all have our own schedules, but I hope the time comes quickly. We're trying as our absolute best. I talk to the members often but it's hard to make time. This is the problem we face as seniors. Our heart and thoughts are the same but it's not easy," she said. T-ara recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, "on the 10th anniversary, we greeted everyone on V Live to congratulate ourselves and went bowling. Rather than a special event, we played by ourselves. I often meet and stay in frequent contact with the members. I feel lonely when I'm working alone. I often contact the members and say 'I'm bored' or 'come see me'," she said. "I'm grateful to celebrate T-ara's 10th anniversary. I'm grateful I could give our 10th anniversary greeting to my fans. I'm thankful to my fans, there's nothing I can say but thank you. I'm here right now because of my fans... I have an affectionate relationship with my fans." (Quoted from MyDaily.) When asked if there is anything special that was said after 10 years, she laughed "just 'good work', 'I enjoyed watching you', we often talk like this. We're close so we're harsh without hesitation." She said about T-ara, "my youth. My happiness and pain. I'm thankful looking back at the memories. I'm thankful there are people who recognize me even now. I miss the members I endured the time together with. The last time our name was called, I couldn't express myself properly. There are so many happy moments. I was happy to be T-ara and who I am now," she said as her eyes became red from tears. Recently choreographer Bae Yoonjung said on a radio program, "in T-ara Jiyeon's case, her dance line is pretty. She's quick to learn." Jiyeon said, "I heard. I felt so happy. I feel like a good student because I was acknowledged by my teacher. When we met again in the practice room, I wanted to do even better," she laughed. In regards to her character on 'I Wanna Hear Your Song', "Ha Eunjoo will say what she wants very confidently. Her costume, accessories, hair, style, etc. I paid a lot of attention to her appearance. There are a lot of people who think I have Eunjoo's style of personality, but not at all," she laughed. "I played a lot of student villains, this time I played an adult villain," Jiyeon laughed, "while filming, it was a little hard this time because there were many hitting scenes. Of course those who were hit had it harder and there was a lot of cursing too. That sort of thing was a little difficult and I always apologized afterwards." "In the past, I thought I wasn't affected by the comments, but I wasn't okay. It left a scar. It hurts every time I look. So this time, I didn't look. I tried to only look for my fans who supported and gave me strength. When I'm acting, I only listened to their words. I couldn't do it (look up comments) if I didn't want to be shaken." "I hope you can enjoy my acting now," Jiyeon said, "it was like I was trapped as T-ara's Jiyeon. I want to break through. Now I want to show you and challenge many things. "It's been a while so I was anxious at the first meeting and said 'it's been a long time, please help me a lot. I felt happy to be out in the field after so long, and even though it's over there's still a lingering. I didn't realize the drama was over. There weren't many scenes with all the actors together so it wasn't easy to get together," Jiyeon regretfully said. Jiyeon further added, "my confidence hit rock bottom. Everyone has a slump and I seem to have suffered one for two years. This drama pulled me out of it for the first time. Filming went well so I think there's going to be a lot of memories." "In fact, before this drama, my hiatus was a dark and scary time. If I was fenced in for 10 years, it'd be even scarier. I didn't have confidence in anything. It was good for me come out and meet the actors and staff face to face and to laugh and talk." Jiyeon has also started a YouTube channel to meet with fans. "I wanted to communicate with my fans and show more of my every day life. During the drama I started a channel. I did the editing in the car while on the move. But the busier my schedules became the less attention I could give it so my fans became sad. I plan to start again right away." "Thank you for remembering me after a difficult time. I'm thankful to feel like this again. I hope it stays this good 10 years later. I wish to tell the fans I am here now because of them." *** Interview by Sport Chosun: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Photos by Osen.
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    Korean female artist and representative of petite figures - Jeon Boram, even though she is not very tall, she knows how to take advantage of coordinating her outfit to emphasize her proportions. She even has her own unique way of healthcare and makeup. It’s such a rare opportunity to have her share her private life at our interview today. We as well invited Boram’s mother, the nation's mother of Korean dramas - Lee Miyoung, to our interview. Let’s have a look at the mother-daughter interview that is filled with their chemistry! There are lots of girls in Taiwan who share Boram’s petite figure, and she doesn’t hide that she privately gives fans some small tips on coordinating their outfits. Like the dress she is wearing, the waistline can change the visual proportions, allowing your legs to seem longer. She recommends picking clothes with bow ties or other cute ornaments for a more feminine look; in addition, she strongly emphasizes that petite girls should not wear loose and flat clothing, which not only makes you look like you’re lacking vitality, but it also makes you look shorter. Girls highly value healthcare and makeup, and Boram who’s both a Korean singer and actress, she must be even more vigilant. Howver, she can only choose one makeup item for today, and both Boram and her mom unanimously picked lipstick, as a lipstick alone can improve your overall complexion. On the other hand, if they could only pick one healthcare item, the mother and daughter chose reinforced moisturizing facial cream and facial masks respectively. Ladies, You should know that the most important thing about the foundation of skincare is moisture! No wonder this mother and daughter's skin is so moist and glossy. Regarding how to maintain a good body figure, the host asked if they could only eat one type of food, what would they choose? Both Boram and her mom chose chicken breast and tofu that are full of protein, which is an important source for muscle growth, and not only do they satisfy your stomach, you won’t easily get fat from eating them. This mother and daughter have such strict self-requirements that they also have a high self-discipline with eating. Boram reveals that at home, aside from drawing, she has another interest, which is mixing her own perfume and healthcare products. By mixing her different favorite fragrances together, she can create her own unique fragrance, and she can also make her own suitable healthcare product by making adjustments according to her changing skin texture. Even when she is busy and stressed, she can calm herself down through this interest. When she was asked to recommend a sightseeing spot for fans visiting Korea for the the first time, she cutely responded that she’s a geek girl, so she doesn’t go out very often. However, she enjoys people coming over to her home to play. Her mom on the other hand enjoys taking slow strolls with nature, such as at Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do or at the Independence Gate - the West Gate, which symbolizes Korea’s independence. If you’re a fan who follows her IG, you will notice a post about a puppy. She says that she's liked puppies ever since she was young, but because her parents felt it was a hassle to raise one, she only started raising one when she had the ability to after growing up. At their peak, they've raised 12 puppies, and now they have 5 remaining ones. Since her mom has grown to love puppies the more she raises them, she could only say that no one can resist a puppy’s charm! “What are your plans for the future,” to which Boram only kept everyone in suspense, only saying that she will bring everyone a different Jeon Boram. Such mystery makes C Book even more curious, and just what kind of work will Boram bring for us? Let us implore the fans to wait and see with us at C Book! *** Source: C Book
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    On the day of T-ara's 10th anniversary, Soyeon revealed some exciting news! On July 29th, at 10:10 AM, Soyeon took to her Instagram to thank fans for supporting and loving her for the last 10 years. Since her debut on July 29, 2009, Soyeon has received love from the public as T-ara's main vocalist. While this is Soyeon's debut 10th anniversary, what makes it more meaningful is that it is the 10th anniversary of T-ara, which brought Soyeon to where she is today. Soyeon said, "I wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary with six members, I'm sorry it didn't turn out like that. However, if given the opportunity any time in the future, I would like to greet the fans together with the 6 members as T-ara." She also revealed, "after 10 years since my debut, I am working on a solo album. I'll tell you more soon. I'm working hard to greet the fans and public with good music soon." Soyeon will hold a small meeting with fans in the middle of August and directly relay her current and future plans. Not only domestic fans, but she will greet overseas fans in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries with great music. *** Source: Naver
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    Hyomin donated boxes of relief goods to the site of the Gangwon wildfire. On the 5th, Hyomin posted on Instagram, “In shock, I was worried how I could help even if a little, I thought it’d be best to help the scene directly so today I sent relief supplies to the forest fire site in Gangwon. Currently, victims at the site who need a helping hand are in a desperate situation. My heart hopes as I write this that many people will join us. I sincerely hope with everyone’s attention we will quickly recover the site! I sent relief supplies to the Administrative Welfare Center in Toseong-myeon, Gangwon Everyone please be strong together. You can send supplies here to deliver them to shelters: 1. Sokcho City Hall Life Support Dept. 2. Administrative Welfare Center, Toseong-myeon, Gangwon 3. Okgye-myeon Office, Gangneung, Gangwon 4. Goseong Jungang, Ganseong, Goseong, Gangwon” Her photos included items for residents who are unable to acquire proper meals such as instant rice and yukgaejang cup noodles, as well as bottles of water and wet tissues. Netizens praised Hyomin’s action and good sense to donate useful goods and sharing information on how others can contribute. Massive wildfires spread in Goseong, Gangwon on Thursday night, fanned by strong winds. At least one person has died and more than 4,000 people have been evacuated. Firefighters have controlled the main blaze but others are still burning. *** Source: Hyomin’s Instagram, Dispatch, Nate
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    An official revealed on the 2nd of April, “Yeon Woojin, gugudan’s Sejeong, Song Jae Rim, and Jiyeon will be appearing on KBS 2TV’s new drama Let Me Hear Your Song in July.” Yeon Woojin plays the role of a mysterious tone deaf pianist in a symphony orchestra. Gugudan’s Sejeong is an assistant timpanist who’s been looking for a job for 3 years. For a year she has been suffering from insomnia and nightmares. Song Jaerim plays a former cellist who is the conductor of the orchestra and assistant professor at Shin Young University. Jiyeon plays the 2nd violinist and college student alongside Sejeong. Jiyeon’s character is described as sexy and hot, light and cheerful, “Queen of Push & Pull” and a heart breaker. She knows of Song Jaerim’s past and Yeon Woojin’s true identity. ‘Let Me Hear Your Song’ is a mystery and romance about a woman with insomnia who can only fall asleep listening to a tone dear person sing, the disturbing murder that is lost in her memories, and rediscovering traces of love lost within her memories The drama will be written by Kim Min Joo of “Sunny Again Tomorrow” and directed by Lee Jung Mi of 2016 drama special “Pinocchio’s Nose.” The broadcast will be in July. *** Source: Naver
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    Korean singer Park Soyeon, who made a cameo in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, directed by Wong Cholam, accepted Apple’s interview in Tsim Sha Tsui. Regarding her 1-min appearance, she frankly spoke that she did not mind, “it’s already an honor for Cholam to invite me. Also, I’ve heard that there are 60 actors in this film, including Joey Yung. Ryan Zheng and I played a Korean couple, but the script changed a lot on the day of the shoot, and since Ryan didn’t understand Korean, I taught him each sentence one by one like a teacher.” When asked whether she wishes for her ideal boyfriend to be as loving of a husband as Cholam, she responded, “he’s very serious at work which makes him very charming, and his eyes are very beautiful too. His baby will be very beautiful too with those eyes. His wife showed up when we were filming too, which is very touching.” *** Source: Apple Daily
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    Hyomin will be returning with a new song titled '으음으음 (U Um U Um)' on January 20th at 6 PM KST. An agency official said, "Hyomin is releasing a new song and is devoted on preparing to release a mini album next month. This time, it'll be a song that challenges a new genre and reveals a different charm of Hyomin," and is raising the expectations of many people. *** Source: Naver
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    Jiyeon is making her return as a singer. According to multiple officials on November 27th, Jiyeon is currently preparing for a digital single comeback in December. The new song is a thank you to her fans, no broadcast activities have been planned. An official said, "Jiyeon is preparing for her next album." Earlier, it was announced Jiyeon had signed an exclusive contract with Partner Park, a management company for actors, and is expected to meet the public as a singer first. Due to health reason, Jiyeon had taken previously taken time off to rest and recharge. In regards to her postponed Hong Kong fan meet that was scheduled for September, "I had just as much expectations as my fans, because it was my very first solo fan meet. I am so sorry it had to be postponed due to my health. I've been treated well and will be back in good health," Jiyeon apologetically expressed. After sufficient rest, Jiyeon will make her comeback and communicate with fans via Instagram and Weibo for further updates. *** Source: Naver
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    Jiyeon has signed an exclusive contract with Partners Park for her domestic management. On the 23rd, an official from Partners Park stated, "we are dedicated to the domestic management of Jiyeon as an actress and singer." "With Partners Park professional and differentiated support, we will fully support Jiyeon's domestic activities that will show off her talents in various fields. We will do our best to communicate with the people through Jiyeon's good work." Partners Park is an management company for actors that houses other talented actresses such as Han Ye Seul, Gu Hye Sun and Cha Joo Young. *** Source: Naver
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    Hyomin reveals the teaser video for her upcoming digital single, Mango, showcasing an intense sound and captivating gaze. In the teaser, Hyomin emits a chic charm with her proactive eyes, wearing an intense outfit that shows off her perfect body line, while the highly addictive melody captures our ears. The introduction uses Hyomin's group's, T-ara, representative song, Bo Peep Bo Peep before changing to Mango, revealing a much more mature sound. "As I stand alone, I'm worried about how I can develop more from the time the public loved me most. People try to remember the time when they were at their best, and I think I want everyone to remember me from that time," Hyomin says as she reveals her worries while preparing for her album. "For me, it was when I was active in T-ara, when Bo Peep Bo Peep first came up. It's a glorious past, and now with more freedom, I want to discover more of myself with a mature attitude. I think this is the second time I'm approaching a big challenge in my life, that's what I had in mind when I watched the teaser," Hyomin said, expressing her resolve for her solo activities. The title song Mango is written by the famous producer behind EXO's Ko Ko Bop, Taeyeon's Fine and Red Velvet's Red Flavor, with the music video directed by Seong Changwon from Taeyeon's Fine. Further joined by the DQ Agency Dance Team who have choreographed popular point dances for Lee Hyori, Sistar and HyunA. Hyomin's new single album Mango will be released on September 12 at 6 PM, with a special showcase for fans at 8 PM where she will take the stage for the first time.  *** Source: Naver Translation: craZy & Hyominniemouse
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    Expectations are rising for Hyomin's new album as she has revealed to be aiming for a mid-September comeback. Hyomin's solo ablum features a famous producer who has worked on many songs for SM Entertainment including Taeyeon's Fine, EXO's Ko Ko Bop, Red Velvet's Power Up as well as Twice's Dance the Night Away. The genre of the album will be R&B Pop paired with Hyomin's charming voice that will attract your ears like a strange addiction. In addition, Hyomin will be joined by the DQ Agency Dance Team who has choreographed for Lee Hyori's Bad Girls, Hyuna's Bubble Pop, Sister's Give It To Me, Gone Not Around Any Longer, Alone, and many others, continuing the lineage of powerful performances by sexy divas. Furthermore, director of music videos such as Red Velvet's Red Flavor and Taeyeon's Fine and others, Seong Changwon, will direct the music video. The stylist team will be led by Jeong Yoongi who has worked with many notable actress including Kim Hyesoo, Han Jiwon, Yoona. Hyomin's upcoming album is a new start as a solo artist, as she works with a team of people who are the "Avengers" of their respective fields. Hyomin's unique stage charisma and her team of professionals are expected to create an album of worldwide scale. *** Source: Naver
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    Jiyeon and Hyomin held their birthday parties on the June 2nd and 3rd respectively where they showed Queen's an amazing time but also dropped hints on what's to come. Hyomin plans for a comeback within August. She is preparing 2, possibly 3, versions. Hyomin hinted the title song, which she composed, is comprised of 2 words. While a decision hasn't been made yet, she is considering creating her own personal fan name/club, fan color and light stick. Finally, there'll be plans to visit China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Through games and chats with the fans, Hyomin shared some other fun facts: Her favorite T-ara song is Like The First Time, her favorite solo song is Gold. Her favorite food is chicken. Her favorite type of alcohol is wine and soju. Recently, she's been brewing plum wine for herself. She would like to travel to London and Shanghai. She has visited Shanghai for work but hasn't gotten the chance to enjoy the food. When she has more confidence, she would like to guest on King of Masked Singer and sing T-ara songs. Since the songs are sung by a group, she may not be immediately recognized (i.e singing lines that aren't known to be hers.) At her party, Jiyeon revealed she will have her own fan name/club and there will be an inauguration ceremony. She will have her very own light sticks too. She will launch her own website, Twitter and YouTube. Jiyeon plans to upload dance related videos to her YouTube. At the end of July, she will have a collaboration with a Vietnam singer. A fanmeeting will take place in Hong Kong on September 8th, before which she will likely release her new album. While unconfirmed, she hopes to have a solo concert towards the end of the year. Finally, Jiyeon plans to return to acting early next year. Jiyeon also shared some fun facts about herself: The longest she has ever slept is 13 hours. She uses baby powder scented shampoo. When asked what was her favorite cosmetic brand... she responded she didn't know any. A junior who has caught her interest the most is Chungha. Let's look forward to some amazing works from Hyomin and Jiyeon!
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    On May 24th, according to multiple broadcasting officials, Eunjung has been cast in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Lovely Horribly'. Staring Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Ho as the protagonists, 'Lovely Horribly' is a horror-romance drama about a ghostwriter's screenplays coming to life. Park Shi Hoo plays a top star of the Korean entertainment industry while Song Ji Ho plays the ghostwriter. Eunjung will the role of Yoona, a popular entertainer alongside the male lead. 'Lovely Horribly' is expected to broadcast in August. *** Source: Nate
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    Hyomin, from the girl group T-ara, has been considering her future going forward after her contract with MBK Entertainment expired last year, and has recently signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency, beginning her domestic and Chinese activities. While planning for a solo album in the first half of the year with an impressive second act as an artist, she expressed on a phone call on the 17th, "in 2014, I released a solo album for the first time, and in 2016, I released my second solo album. 2 years later, I'm once again preparing for a new album. Rather than an extension of the image that I have already shown, I feel like I'm starting anew, I will prepare my mindset as if I'm debuting all over again. I will try hard to show a much different image than before." Even as a soloist, the modifier "T-ara's" still follows right before Hyomin's name. Even though it is a "shinning crown", it still is a catalyst that brings back difficult memories. Since T-ara’s debut in 2009, they have experienced both the joy of being at the peak and the pain of falling from grace. They are a group with more difficult times than joyous. For Hyomin, what meaning does "T-ara" hold? "I have devoted my youth to T-ara. It's another name for my youth, and it has already become a part of my life. Honestly, I hated the name at one point, but I knew I could never throw it away. The name is so precious to me.” Hyomin has spent the past 9 years as a member of T-ara, she expressed her gratitude, "I never want to forget, I want to always remember these times. To be a member of T-ara is an honor. I'm grateful we were able to be active during a time where K-Pop is loved around the world. I think we were a lucky group. All the members worked hard but we were lucky to receive such excessive love. There were a lot of times our members said, "we're very lucky." In reality, T-ara has many memories of frustration and hard times. 3 years into their debut, they leaped to become a top Korean girl group, but in July of 2012, they fell due to the "T-ara Bullying Controversy" and never reclaimed their former popularity. "There were many difficult times, but there are more good memories. That incident happened 3-4 years into our debut, but as time went on, we became a group of 8 years, of 9 years, of 10 years. In fact, as a group, our hard times seemed longer than our happier times, but I think we did very well. I'm happy, I was lucky.” From her pain and frustrations, she has learned many things. Putting Hyomin’s entire life into perspective, it could be a "tonic". “During the early days of our group activities, we thought 'if we release this song, of course it'd be loved'. Afterwards, I thought 'no matter how hard you try, you won't be loved.' Even though I knew that, I still had to work. Still, through the tough times, I was able to mature a lot. I realized how precious the overwhelming love we received at the beginning was. We could feel the difference of the distinct boundaries between the good times and the bad. We stood on stage after the cheers disappeared, I realized how precious the cheers from before were. I think we're lucky to have been given this enlightenment." The members of T-ara have been in constant contact after their contracts expired at the end of last year. Although they are in a legal dispute with MBK Entertainment over the trademark for "T-ara", they still maintain a strong relationship with 'the father of T-ara', MBK’s executive producer Kim Kwang Soo. "After our contracts expired, there were times we were at odds over minor misunderstandings and argued with producer Kim Kwang Soo, like sisters or mother and daughters. But that's not how it is. No matter what, he’s the father who made us, and made us debut when we knew nothing. This is our first experience with a legal dispute, I think there are some parts we're not familiar with. Even after our contracts ended, producer Kim Kwang Soo said if anything comes up, we can ask him for advice, like children, he treats us like precious daughters. I met with producer Kim Kwang Soo in April for the first time since our contracts ended, we just laughed without saying a word. Like family." *** Source: Naver
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    wow, thanks for still updating their news. It's been almost 6-7 years since I left, and glad that my account still works and this website is still up! They look great!
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    I love to keep seeing information about T-ara members' activities! Hopefully they are having fun and are active, and I hope for a future comeback by T-ara! :-)
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    Happy birthday XD~

    Happy birthday XD~
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