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  1. can't pm. so what's the reason?

  2. hi cookie. i hate cats but i love cookies.

  3. Wow, Qri looks so damn good in that pic. Sooo kawaii!!! And Jiyeon is really turning into a fine lady.
  4. John Travolta wannabe or whatever doesn't sound nice to me. But a comeback is a comeback. At least better than YaYaYa will make me happy. Also, I won't mind a mini album as long as they'll showcase their vocals. Leveled up Absolute First Album will make my 2011 (jebal).
  5. Hi Goo. Missed you twice or thrice in sbox. I'm from Philippines.

  6. are you nanashin from teamliquid?

  7. even in her childhood and snsd pre-debut pics, i've noticed that she got big eyes. The only difference is that before she got 'em icy, now 'em lovely and expressive.
  8. Wooh!!! Holy crowd! I'm glad Eunjung is getting much love. Guerilla date? Wonder how'd that be.
  9. The naughty Eunjung. This look will definitely make her look hotter, but I prefer her in normal short hair (IGCBOY is supa hot already).
  10. I'm not a fan of YaYaYa but Temptastic is still a solid mini album. Hope the girls will be able to show their real vocals here.
  11. Good thing T-ara was still able to perform. Concerned personnel of any network should effectively communicate their regulations so as to avoid incidents like this.
  12. Hope they win many awards. (Honestly, I still prefer Ma Boo and I'm Okay over their promotional singles. But I'll support them anyway. T-ara )
  13. Eunjung so hot! And her expression... the best! Minkyung is pretty as always but seems like she still has to learn how to show more emotion. Jiyeon, not her best look, but so full of emotion.
  14. YaYaYa choreo is weird and maybe lame but T-ara managed to spice it up with their adorable expressions. T-ara
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