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  1. hi zuki! i'm really really really sorry for not replying! i'm sincerely sorry! you probably hate me now xD i'm so sorry! the thing is, i've been pretty busy the past year because of school stuff and i could only update in the forums i work as a staff..i couldn't get online much as well, as for the qri forum, i accidentally deleted it!! i am so sorry!! i thought it was another forum i founded (in which it didnt develop to the least), because

    1. Q-yeon


      *and um..continuation*

      i think i was multi-tasking that time with the admin CPs. but i'm planning to do another one again and being active here in tiaradiadem as well, and i was wondering if you could help me start one and promote it? (i'm sorry i'm really rude i didn't reply to you and then i'm asking a favor, sorry!)anyways, if you're really busy, it's alright, i'll do it myself :) thanks zuki, and i'm sorry again :)

  2. oh its been solved already...thanks!

  3. hi~so what do you need me to solve? have problem with posting?

  4. hi, i have a problem can u help me solve it?

  5. Hi there has topic is available to greet for Qri's birthday now ~^^~ Please post there.Thanks!

  6. What happened to your twitter acc ate? TT^TT

  7. Opps!!! sorry.that's my fault >"< seems i've made a mess!!! I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do it >"<

  8. just wanna ask, what are you doing with Report system?

    it's old reports and why you suddenly bumped it up?

  9. I just missed Qri alot lately,so when i miss her..Zuki will come to my mind^^lol xD *random*

  10. visiting my page, what's up unnie? ~^^~

  11. Hahahaha`!! (: I LOVE YOU ~ Muahaha! Like my 4th or 5th time saying this! I JUST MISS YOU SO MUCH! LOL ^__^

  12. Tests for everyday and every subjects!!! OMG =)) I'm preparing for my mid-term test too @.@ aigoo yah~ >"<

  13. going crazy unnie LOL I do my 2nd exam in tomorrow. It's so important

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