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  1. 1:00 pm.. it so hot in here.. >> 4th floor

  2. surfing at the campus... :D

  3. Yea ! im a college student now!! and as a promise to my fellow Queen's I will be always online from now on!! <3

  4. ui musta na? woah bkasyon na!!

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po!:D eto okay naman po.. kaw? hehe nakakatamad nga po dito eh. hehe

  5. Good eve.. well i must say cold evening .. need some warm hug♥

  6. Good eve.. well i must say cold evening .. need some warm hug♥

  7. Im Back!! ready again for long time diademing(!?)

  8. Hello po~! from cavite din po ako :)

    1. asitaulava23


      hello den!! tga san ka sa cavite???

  9. Cannot be active these days, I have to work on my Highschool thesis..See you on Feb.. :(

  10. woah..ooopss...arrgghh...♥

  11. Wait po! san po b kau nakatira?? :)

  12. sa sm megemall po madalas ang Kpop fest ..ung sa kpop con paiba-iba po ung venue minsan sa PICC minsan malapit sa meralco ave..depende po :)

  13. Hi!! : ) sorry po super late reply ..nakapunta po b kau? kung ndi po meron pa nman po sa feb.

  14. sorry ! super duper late reply ..Hindi ako nakapunta sa kpop con at kpop fest kasi pupunta ako sa hallyu wave sa feb. ahaha..ok lng yan bta ka pa naman eh bsta pag pumunta ka sbhin mo lng.. :)

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      okay lang po hehehe :)

      wow.. buti ka pa mkakapunta ka po sa hallyu wave. . . :( hayy.. hehe

      baka po hanggang pangarap nalang ako na mkapunta sa mga ganyang events. hahaha sige po ^^

  15. Good eve..seems everyone is busy

  16. HyoYoung,HyoHwa,Hwamin.. :)

  17. lovey-dovey-dovey..oh oh oh

  18. Last month of d year is here...woah!! need to update

  19. ohhh..anlayo samin ..by the way taga Cavite po ako..:)

  20. oo nga noh..ahaha..well ndi ko p lam specific location eh..naku pero feel ko magbebenta ng cry cry duN ....sna pyagan k♥

  21. thanks for replying! Filipino ka rin ..cool!!!or astig!!!!ahaha where are you in phil?

  22. waahh..im well again!! Today is choreo ver. of cry cry..it is a duo comeback of me and t-ara !

  23. Hello! It is nice to see you here in Diadem..

  24. Happy Halloween Dongsaeng!! malapit na k-pop nation sna payagan ka ..umm sa Dec. 28♥

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