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  1. Im tired of being sick ... two weeks without diadem..hard for me to recover fast

  2. Let me see ya..YAYAYA.. ahaha in japanese..it will be great!!

    1. Jack C

      Jack C

      i hope will be in M'sia in future.. TT

  3. Your welcome!! unnie..ahaha..I hope we can share our thoughts..♥

  4. Hello tf..is it your name initial?? >cute<

  5. HI!! hwayoung bias..Its nice to see you here♥

  6. Hi ya ..dongsaeng!! how are you? seems you are busy..Ganbatte Kudasai!!Hwaiting!!Kaya mo yan!!

  7. Give me give me give me give me...anata ga subete!! ahaha i wish they could performed it live..

  8. woah!! i remember you!! you can call me vine...how about you? i don't know how to call you..:)

  9. Party2!! T-ara is creating their big mark to japan!!

  10. Congratulations to Miss Philippines for winning the third runner up in Miss World ... Proud to be Pinay!!

  11. Im so worried of SJ ....i was so really shock..><

  12. woah Hi!! my co-minyeon fan!!

  13. Thank you for warning me!! ♥

  14. My Pleasure!! Hello too!!♥

  15. Im so excited for bo peep PV♥

  16. gender male?? ahahaha..trip mo ah..

  17. wewness..vane!!! buti naman at nagpakita ka na!!

  18. Happy Birthday! wish you all the best!! ♥T-ara_love

  19. Happy Birthday!! wish u all the best!! ♥T-ara_love

  20. I love t-ara!! >>> ahahaha

  21. it was so really GREAT!! T-aramisu (t-ara's cover group) performed Rolypoly and i think i was the only one screaming...T-ara's stuff was only few kaya Lanyard nlang and fan ung nabili ko..Mai friends joined the cosplay so i was also cheering them during the convention..nxt convention will be on december..♥♥hope u come

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