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  1. Hi to all!! I think we are all busy these days..

  2. waah...oo nga noh malapit na b-day mo...Hapi birthday in advance ha..update mo ko kung sasama ka..ang alam ko both un irerelease..

  3. It's ok dongsaeng !! naku buti nlang kc umalis kami kaagad...mai update pla ako sa f(x) sa Aug 27 ang release nila and i will come!! >>again...ahahaha

  4. I wish that you will able to see this message this time ..I will be in blue shirt tomorrow and we have a nametag remember my name is Divine..and im with a weird girl also in blue and named Grace>>ahaha...hope to see u there!!

  5. Omo dongsaeng is very busy with her studies!! Go!! Himnae!! Don't hesitate to call (oops) to comment on my prof wen u have a problem..L♥ve lots dongsaeng!!

  6. I have search about the album launch of f(x) pero wla pang saktong date kung kailan irerelease...but still i will update you kasi gusto ko din pumunta...you like f(x) too?? great!♥

  7. Excited for the K-pop convention here in phil.!! T-ara stuffs and goodies ..here i come!!!

  8. Hello it's nice to see you here in Diadem!!

  9. >> high five!! yah Go hyomin btw why do you like hyomin unnie-oops..or for you hyomin noona?? :)

  10. Hi! its nice to see you here in diadem!! looks like your a hyomin bias too..:)

  11. it is in july 31st na...and no i didn't buy the b2st album my best friend buy the album...syang dapat papuntahin kita...pero won't you mind to go to sm bacoor on July 30 ..sj m album launch and i will attend..♥

  12. Im from Philippines♥ woah another indonesian friend>>great!!

  13. its ok! ♥ Your in Cavite right?? or not..

  14. My Pleasure!!wish can be friends..teehee by the way my true name is divine>>:)

  15. malapit b kau sa sm bacoor? sna until friday u can reply..pupunta kc me bacoor release kc ng fiction ng b2st and i will attend..sa saturday..w8 fan kb ng b2st??♥

  16. Hla syang nman...sna magkaroon ka ng time..pra magkita sna tau...

  17. It has been one week offline..I miss diadem..

  18. Kaia mo yan..Maniwala tayong ppyagan ka..wait >< Taga-san ka ulit nakalimutan ko ehh..

  19. Kpop Convention..i mean..teehee..dun nagbebenta ng mga stuff na puro k-pop and albums..mai presentation din ng mga cover group..♥

  20. That's cool!! Im from Phil.~~

  21. Congratulations T-ara You made it to #1!!!!

  22. July 30 p nman... Sa SM Megamall...sna makapunta ka!! I really want to c u nae dongsaeng!!!

  23. Your welcome...keep on searching friend so you can enjoy more here in Diadem..What country are you from?

  24. shocks 6 hours extension of anticipation!!!!

  25. I like your photo,,sungminnie!!

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