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  1. Nbsa ko ung Conversation niu ni Rhakel (T-arawaterjewel)Im in Dasma lng..Kk2wa naman..

  2. Projects..Projects...>> Thanks Diadem for relieving my stress..mw♥h!

    1. vine_hyominnie48


      oh my..my last year in high school makes me pressure..Himnae!!

    2. JYP_Rash19


      hwaiting~! u can do it!

    3. Myra PJY

      Myra PJY

      u can do it!! btw,thanks 4 adding me up..hehe..FIGHTING!!

  3. If you will come here please tell me so we can meet up..ok? >>♥

  4. ahaha...actually unnie im more Daragon fan..teehee..do you know daragon?

  5. Im also in cavite!! :) where are you in cavite? >>geez..dis is exciting

  6. Im Fine..:) Where do you live in Phil.?

  7. Hi! it's nice to see you here..you are a filipina?

  8. tommorow (saturday) 2ne1 concert will held here in Phil. and i will come..I wish T-ara will come here too and also you!ahaha ♥

  9. Hi unnie!! How are you? I hope you remember me...I love your profile!! your also a VIP!

  10. oops.. I big THANK YOU also for greeting me in my bday ... I think it's too late..:(

  11. Hi! It has been a long time...How are you? anyway Thanks for posting in T-ara_Love<3 in Facebook..♥

  12. Sorry if i will not be online these days because im busy with my review in my college entrance exam...goodluck with me!!

    1. mia camille

      mia camille

      Goodluck to your entrance exam!!

    2. t-aranwaterjewel


      Hwaiting on ur exams~!

      You can do it~! ^^

  13. Thanks to all the people who greet me in my birthday last tuesday...

  14. woaahhh....the chocolates are so very delicious to be thrown in japan argghhh...

    1. vine_hyominnie48


      well...it has affected by the radiation...

  15. yah...u have to be more attentive in adding and replying to ur friends so u can have many friends on ur account....Tip: add friends who are so active!! like me! :)

  16. ummm...Im Divine Mae to be specific...

  17. owww..hello!!welcome to diadem!! what country are you from?

  18. you are only one year old than me..we can be good friends.. ♥

  19. yeah..nice to meet you too...♥

  20. woahh..the earthquake in japan make me feel worried to HSJ...

  21. oh Hello!! I've seen your posts for minyeon..yeah!! Let's support MinYeon!

  22. Hyomin Unnie...Will be always beautiful for me....♥♥

  23. oh super duper SOrrY for the super duper Late reply..it is because our system crashed last 2 weeks..I didn't able to upload the pic of ur drawing..but promise i will post when i have again my cam...TNKS!! oh yeah i will look for ur work (yayaya art)...

  24. Woah...after 2 weeks of not visiting diadem..I was suprised on it's innovated look love it!!!!

    1. kinoebe


      yeah,better to love our PERCY. :) teehee. <3

  25. I would like to register in ur Diadem...can i join even though im not a malaysian..teehee

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