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  1. ohh..Im not saying ur old...but don't get old either..(haha)..so shock with ur reply..ahaha

  2. wow..im from dasma cavite i think we can meet sometimes..wat do you think??ahaha

    (so fast)

  3. ok thanks for trusting me..♥♥

  4. Can you make another drawing...Yayaya version...haha..i will post your drawing (IGCBY) the day after tomorrow,ok unnie..

  5. wow... it's nice to know that ur from california...im happy you'll like it here same as t-arawaterjewel said

  6. unnie how are you..can you remember me?The one who really crazily like you drawings...I have framed and design ur drawings already...if u want to i can take it a picture...umm by the way can i ask some favor..hakhak...♥

  7. wow ur chinoy!! im a filipino too...where are you in the philippines...by the way thanks for the comment..r u science fanatic too??

  8. ur welcome..♥can u PM me ur Facebook account so I can take a glimpse of ur pictures if u have...hekhek

  9. Hi! Welcome to Diadem!..

  10. I always tell my friends about you on how you are so active in Diadem..and i also tell them that you are a filipino..they are looking forward if you have a facebook account??

  11. Its been a long time i didn't comment to you because of my study..Can I ask favor? hekhek...:)

  12. Hi!! thanks for visiting my profile...Can I ask A question? What country are you from??

    (Obviously i really ur pro pic TOP..)

  13. It's okay..Im happy as long as you reply..It's like your my big sister here in Diadem..go more better to b2st i mean best in college...♥

  14. Unnie Really like your signature...


    Tika b2ty unnie fighting!!!Dont get tired okay??

  15. Waahh...unnie Im so really happy about it...B2st + T-ara i really like your pairing!!!! I bet for your pair!!!

  16. wow great!! im from philippines...

  17. unnie...by the way where are you from?? i mean what country are you from??

  18. just call me vine...and yeahh i visit ur tumblr and it was so very cool...b2st everywhere...:)

  19. ahm... cuz your profile is full of hyomin pics....ahhh it is so cute...

  20. woahh...really like your profile beast...my bias is yoseob...I really like also ur tumbler...OH! I forgot Nice to meet you!!

  21. oh dongsaeng how are you?,,,waaahh....Im getting jealous of your profile now....:)

  22. hello dongsaeng!!

    how are you?are you busy today?? don't forget to take care of yourself...Im envious of your personal photo..hyomin♥..keuhaha

  23. Hi MEMAE!! now I know the person behind those t-ara chibi and animated drawings its You!!...my friends really like your creative drawings because i use to print it ......

    cuz i really love it!!!!

  24. oh thank you!! for the comment...i can't believe that ur only 13..always love t-ara and don't forget to study...Fighting!!!

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