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  1. loved boram and hyomin's hairstyle hehe Soyeon is sooo cute in that picture
  2. shes so talented! really glad for her.. works hard and a great actress it might be the 1st korean history drama that I will be probably watching heheh
  3. love her pics.. very very cute pictures of t-aras maknae hehe also love her hairstyle
  4. YES! haha its a dream come true.. to see eun jung in WGM im really exited for her! hope all turns out well
  5. soyeon so cool! hehe jiyeon and hyomin so cute! haha very nice gifs. great job
  6. Time and time again. This has been a topic for ages. Both Kim Tae Hee and Jiyeon are lovely anyway. There are similarities of course but for me they look different hehe. Jiyeon as one of may favorite idols and Kim Tae Hee as an actress ~
  7. I guess it has not been decided yet but more often the netizens really gets what they want. We all wish that they dont abolished this show. Ive been also watching it for sometime now and would miss it big time if they would cancel it. oh well
  8. Lots of Jiyeon pics.. really liked it. it seems like they wore orange outfit more often lately which is also nice.
  9. Great job for a fan hehe those are real good shots! I can see a lot of Eun Jung pics there will save some keke ~
  10. I just saw some cuts from the internet and love it ! will watch the show sometime /w or without subs hehe they sooo cute ! hehe
  11. Wow a very rare chance to see Jiyeon and IU in wedding dress! really gonna miss this show. hope Nicole would join them for the rest of the episodes
  12. very nice jiyeon, hyomin and hwa y. avatars definitely want to play if given the chance! hehe the hyomin avatar seem to be my favorite!
  13. cute kid jiyeon. watched the show even without understanding what they are talking about.. its really funny especially when they are praciticing b-boying hehehe
  14. look like someone is back hehe.. hope too see more of eunjung now that filming of dream high is over. wonder where are the other members hehe
  15. T-ara's best bet for variety shows !!!! so much fun to watch.. Very happy to see her very active nowadays Hyomin were all very proud of you!! keke.. Hwaiting~
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