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  1. Doesn't matter if it's mini still gonna buy it and listen to it non-stop
  2. I'm still gonna support T-ARA, but why add 2 new members when everything was fine CCM need to stop adding more people to this awesome group. It feels like he just want to add talented girl to T-ARA because they already well known and won't flop like new groups would.
  3. Can't wait for it to be released so I can get my hands on that Diamond version
  4. My Favorite T-ARA member on my favorite variety show, this is going to epic can't wait for the February 5th
  5. Teaser looks amazing and I'm sure so as MV will be I can feel this album might be even better then "Absolute First Album" which was perfect
  6. This is picture is so cute and at first I thought that guy who sitting looks a lot like L from Infinite and I read "On the 26th, popular groups T-ara and Infinite" that makes much sense now T-ara always sharing and caring not just about fans but other people thats why I love them all so much
  7. Can't wait until T-ARA will release Japanese version of Bo Peep Bo Peep and IGCBOY But it's like 1 more month to wait 24 page Photobook me likes
  8. T-ARA is finally back and with a bang toping all charts
  9. Can't wait for the new album to come out I have been waiting for more then 6 months for a comeback!! T-ARA Fighting!
  10. I guess she just one of those people who listens to older music Because no way Soyeon can be born in 1978
  11. Hyomin was panel member in one episode like 2-3 weeks ago Good to hear she will be permanent member
  12. lol no wonder Qri had/have boyfriend she is really cute and pretty Also I think all of them had or have bf
  13. I liked to watch Adam and Goguma couples, but now then Eunjung is coming to the show I think it's going to be deabak!!
  14. It's nice that CNN did report on that song, but come on they should have done it about T-ara... This is just wrong
  15. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the gifs look cute
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