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    Zaza reacted to ily_shannon in [14.09.18] Video - T-ara 'Sugar Free' @ Mnet M!Countdown   
    Don't worry QUEEN'S T-ara gonna rank #1 on mcountdown next week.. Thank positive
    Official MPD Fancam T-ara's Sugar Free at M! Countdown

    Credit: Ch.MPD
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    Zaza reacted to xbot in [13.01.14] Video - T-ara cut in SPEED's Mnet Programme   
    A huge perk in being a CCM artist: Getting into T-ara's dressing room ! But seriously, will love to see any translations, Boram seemed to be in "Big Nunna Mode" which is really rare
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    Zaza reacted to kuriya17 in [13.01.08] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Iris 2? Never offered any role"   
    okay, thanks kbs for giving my hopes up... such a user of T-ara's name again ee
    well, i think it is good that ccm responded quickly to avoid any other damage (if there will be)
    but i can't deny the fact that i'm still looking for T-ara members to act once again (too selfish of me ee, though i know they are too busy) XD
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    Zaza reacted to kuriya17 in [12.12.23] VIDEO/CHART - Lovey Dovey #1 Top 100 K-Songs of The Year 2012   
    well congrats T-ara
    For me, Lovey Dovey is really the best kpop song for the year ^^
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    Zaza got a reaction from JohanaUS_Tara in [12.10.19] "T-ara's Confession" members crying.. Will Hwayoung's exit be mentioned?   
    In my opinion. the netizen just don't have anything to do. they just playing drama to make our unnies feel more difficult..
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    Zaza reacted to AinHaqimRosli in [12.09.26] After Hong Kong showcase, T-ara's Malaysian showcase sells out at record speed   
    Malaysia...my country...
    can't wait for their showcase....
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    Zaza reacted in [12.09.27] T-ara's Ham Eunjung suing SBS "Five Fingers" producers for 140 million won   
    i all behind you eunjung... you must stand you're right... the way they terminate you its hurtfull
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    Zaza reacted to hyominheart in [12.09.09] Videos HD - T-ara "Sexy Love In Tokyo" MV   
    Sexy Eyes Sexy Nose Sexy Mouth

    Chuuu ~ Don't you know?

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    Zaza reacted to clearwater in [12.09.09] Videos HD - T-ara "Sexy Love In Tokyo" MV   
    I love this MV.
    We finally got to see how they were doing while filming the SL dance/robot MV.
    I'm happy to see that they still had fun despite everything that happened. (I was worried that they were all gloomy and dragging their feet to film this.)
    Ah so this is the MV that includes the fans doing cover dance of SL that was supposed to be released last week?
    But I thought they said 37 countries doing SL cover dance? Or maybe another MV is coming up?
    I've already said this in one post, but I'll just say it again... I love that they are using the power of the internet in their favor... to promote the song. I mean, if they can't perform live, or if music shows like Music Bank didn't allow them to perform last week, or if they can't perform this song longer than they usually do, then the best way to promote it is to keep posting many MVs via the internet. If Korean netizens hate them, then, through the internet, the fans worldwide would still be able to continue to support and appreciate them.
    Also, Tokyo MV, for me, means: "hey even if Korea hates T-ara right now, Japan/Tokyo still loves T-ara" or something to that effect. I really hope they release another MV showing fans worldwide dancing SL... something like Sexy World LOL Then that would be a huge slap to those haters especially those Korean anti-fans/haters. Hmmm. Looking forward to that.
    T-ara Fighting!!!
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    Zaza reacted to Jiyeonholic in [12.09.09] Quick News - M Countdown Online Poll   
    yes they are currently number 1!! yeah!!! hope that they will stay on the top for a long time
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    Zaza reacted to min young in [12.09.05] Quick News - Areum, Shannon and Gunji performing "Day and Night" on M!Countdown   
    t-ara seem so happy today....queen's shout each t-ara member name...even areum already have male fans.....queen's wave their hand waiting t-ara change their outfit....i don't have to worry about t-ara anymore because i know they can do it....
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    Zaza reacted to grimangel07 in [12.09.02] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love MV ( Drama Ver.)   
    nice one~! ... whhooaaa ~! sword wooshing sooooo cooollll (plus the blue eyes:) )
    ...tsk.. so both of them died? tsk.. hahah~! bitter sweet ending..
    ..but then again.. only T-ara can make this kind of Music Videos.. really.... their trully one-of-a-kind.. unique
    ...so NEXT would be T-ARA'S EFFECT? ... hahaha~! waiting for it
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    Zaza got a reaction from Emperor Ryu in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    huh..its a relief to know that our HY unnie finally wrote something...I hope miracle happen tomorrow.
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    Zaza reacted to min young in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    i hope after what happen,(hwayoung already spoke out) hope people didn't put blame on t-ara anymore...loyal queen's always support t-ara and hwayoung
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    Zaza reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    I'm extremely happy that she has finally spoken out regarding this whole mess.
    However,reading the comments section on AKP makes me wonder how many trolls are still left on T-ara's articles.Comments like "Another KKS's brilliant mastermind","she was threaten" and "she never denies the bullying things" sicken me.Sigh,no matter what T-ara does,haters always find an exuse to not accepting it.Oh well,loyal QUEEN'S are always there for them,right guys?
    Oh,does anybody knows if T-ara still gonna proceed their comeback tomorrow?I knew that he release date for Sexy Love was supposely on 16th August but was pushed back to 29th.However,I haven't read any news about T-ara's comeback other than that.gonna release Seriously,I'm dying to hear their new song and of course,their epic music video,part 2 of Day By Day.
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    Zaza got a reaction from park1jy in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    I'll support Haeundae Lover as long as SoYeon unnie there..
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    Zaza reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.08.24] Translation - Director Cha Eun-taek's tweet about Eunjung   
    Isn't he's the same person who support T-ara a while back (1-2 weeks ago)?I'm glad to see some sane people who truly support T-ara.First it was Hyomin's PD,then KEMA shows their support and now him.Well,if only Korean netizens and reporters think like them,all these craps won't happen.They do love to exaggerate things,huh?
    If this whole controversy didn't happen,we might enjoy ourselves listening to T-ara's Sexy Love by now.Eunjung,Soyeon,Hyomin,Boram,Qri and Jiyeon,please have faith in yourself.I really hope they can get through this hell and not having a mental breakdown
    Be strong QUEENS.Every cloud has a silver shining.
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    Zaza reacted to stide in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    why should they leave.. :(even thought there's a lot of haters who wants them to be out of the drama.. i believe that there are more more Queen's out there that will support the drama..
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    Zaza reacted to GabrielFaust in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    Guys I don't think we should blame Jin Seyeon. It's not really a fault, we can't blame her for accepting the role to advance her career. She might not have understood what was going on, maybe she thought there were arguments between eunjung and sbs and that they already told eunjung they were going to drop her, so she didn't realise that eunjung had been 'backstabbed'. On a side note, I hope eunjung doesn't have to go back, and the show freaking fails. It doesn't deserve to succeed with such an asshole PD, and it definitely doesn't deserve Eunjung. I just feel bad for Ji Hoon and Chang Wook.
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    Zaza reacted to Regius in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    This ain't funny anymore. How unprofessional. More embarrassment for the k-entertainment. And those sponsors as well, just rotten.
    Where is the justice here?
    Apologies to all who read this post, if its quite vindictive: boycott the show, boycott the sponsors' products.
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    Zaza reacted to swastikaexodian in [12.08.23] "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"   
    GOOD!!! this news bring some rainbow after the storm. Fighting EunJung, You go girl!!
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    Zaza reacted to mglsts in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    Honestly I don't want her to go back, it would be awkward and they would probably abuse her into quitting or make her life miserable, but it would probably benefit her and T-ara's image.
    At the very least, this may create a precedent that will make PD's think twice, before doing this.
    But I bet no will care that Eunjung actually got threatened and bullied in this whole situation.... So much for anti-bullying justice.
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    Zaza reacted to ichi-diadem in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    The answer about Cho Younghun PD was that he said, 'Voluntarily leave! Or we'll create a withdrawal form' and threatened her." He's pure evil if indeed said that. I hope 5fingers will having a rating drops and fail!!!!! Screw you 5fingers PD!
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    Zaza reacted to joyce_20176 in [12.08.13] T-ara on hiatus, preparing for a comeback? New song to be released end of August   
    I wish their comeback turn out great! I wanted to see all of them comeback stronger and better!!! T-ara please take care of yourself, physically and mentally. I don't want to see any of you hurt like this anymore or cry anymore. I really miss you guys' smile (((. I know it will be really hard to be like the beginning, but remember you all still have fans like us here always support you guys!!!
    T-ara fighting!!!
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