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  1. piiti

    JAM (13)

    jiyeon looks so bright in here! ;; beautiful bby
  2. I love the new hair, srsly. And WOW JIYEON, you can be so sexy O: I'm excited for her debut and also curious about the photoshoots!!
  3. Wow! Several fans. It's good to see the great support they are receiving.
  4. I hope it is a success. They will prove to everyone what they are capable. Even for KKS.
  5. Congrats girls! After the effort, the rewards will come. you deserve! we love you
  6. I see all these news to showcase ... Why, even feeling jealous, I feel proud and excited? hehe
  7. i agree with my baby!!!!!!!! i rly hope she wins the lawsuit and yeah ^^
  8. Be gentle now will be good for the image of them. But I know that deep down they really prefer to be modest.
  9. All these versions ... At the end will always be loved by the fans, no matter how simple. qqq
  10. I really wish I could buy. But I know it will be difficult in the current situation. I'm sad T---------------T
  11. in love with this version! I love seeing them behind the cameras
  12. I hope that the mv it will be more creative than sexy love robot ver.! Btw, i'm excited!!! :DDDD
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