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Status Updates posted by Alyssarawr

  1. @DoitDayomi No it didn't end yet

  2. RT @dadada_ism: KIM LIP THE GAYS ARE SHAKING https://t.co/eBOI45a5es

  3. RT @loonatheworld: ? https://t.co/QIP3VR9gId

  4. RT @YiYuan_19950126: #선의 #宣仪 #XUANYI #우주소녀 #WJSN 180517 @WJSN_Cosmic https://t.co/4DLPgcklIR

  5. Picked up my cap and gown ✌✌✌

  6. @DoitDayomi Hello friend

  7. RT @pd101china: PRODUCE 101 CHINA EPISODE ONE OFFICIAL LINK ? https://t.co/iPb694ARB5?

  8. RT @jinsoulpic: loona ot12 practicing is so OMG https://t.co/pUyP9ZxgdX

  9. RT @xuanyivideo: ????? https://t.co/elwoDRbILu

  10. promo https://t.co/bBeJFijEMI

  11. @xuanluda there are bad parts to the city...but that's like anywhere so...

  12. Why is this pic so funny akdnsk https://t.co/tYYVveAAUs

  13. wowow got xuanyi x exy SG card it's fate

  14. queen of sees candies lollipops https://t.co/DodqKXxYja

  15. Happy New Year I love t-ara

  16. RT @cruise3842: 171207 멜로디데이 더유닛 출근 유민 프리뷰 #멜로디데이 #Melodyday #유민 #Yoomin @melodyday225 늦었당...뭐뭐하다가...프리뷰를 지금... https://t.co/tTWC3AST8z

  17. why do I never get a full 95 line v app ?

  18. @xuanluda https://t.co/DlM8wA7lER

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