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  1. :( yea i know but said u will be back. Hwaiting!
  2. :) Unnie I'm back! lol sorry again i missed u :(
  3. Anyways sorry I got to go now sorry :(

    bye bye~! I'll talk to you soon maybe tomorrow ^^

  4. aw that's so sweet ^^

    Thanks :)

    And of course we will be close friends~! :D

  5. aww Unnie i missed u too! I wanted to talk to u but u weren't on. :(

    Still Hwaiting!

  6. Cute and fun signature ^^ lol

    Adam Couple Forever~! <3

  7. Happy Birthday! Hi

    ! were both 13 years old lol but i'm older...

  8. Hi hi~! Thanks for passing by my profile! So do you like it here so far? Do you have any questions? I will try to help ^^

    Nice meeting you. :D

  9. Hi there~!

    Welcome to Diadem~! ^^

  10. Hi there~!

    Thanks for adding me ^^

  11. Hi Unnie~!

    I'm here now too :)

    and it's okay I understand I have or had many activities too. School :( It's almost over for us.

  12. Hi Unnie~! Yea it's been a while ^^

    How have you been?

    Take care~! :)

  13. Hi! Unnie how r u?

    When r u gonna write ur next chapter? sorry i just wantz to know :)

  14. Hi! Welcome to Tiara Diadem! Thanks for joining! I hope you will like it here! Enjoy~!

    ohh and i like ur pic is tht u? u look pretty and cute. ^_^

  15. Hi~! Thanks for adding me ^^

    How've you been?

  16. Hi~!

    I'm doing fine.

    How about you?

  17. Hi~!

    It's fine ^^ So what about that tag that you need help with?

  18. Hi~!

    yea it's been a while huh.

    How are you?

  19. hmm that's cool ^^

    Sorry for the late reply X{

  20. huh no it's okay ^^

    I am kinda from the Philippines cause I am Filipino :)

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