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  1. Hi Everyone ^^ (don't know what to say) Hi :D

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    2. kinoebe


      LOL, everyone spazzing on "what's on your mind?" here,it's so cute!haha. XD <3

    3. t-aranwaterjewel
    4. dis_crazy_girl
  2. I don't know any Korean Movies that are out X{ and I need to know for my fanfic. any suggestions? O.O?

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    2. Rahim23
    3. ultimateasianbomb
    4. cookietoaster


      Cyrano Dating Agency and Yoon Eunhye's new movie - My Black Mini Dress. LOL.

  3. Sunyoung Unnie Hwaiting~! Don't be sad okay think happy memories :) We're all here for you.

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    2. ultimateasianbomb


      she might not update stories in awhile maybe she still has some strength in her

    3. t-aranwaterjewel


      ur welcome ^^ oh ok then and it's okay just let her rest for now. :)

    4. ultimateasianbomb


      whats funny is that this is a burning memory to her

  4. Terrible things happened so sad :( Pray for Japan & the world~!

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    2. t-aranwaterjewel


      really I hope they will be fine

    3. dyacyrus


      My uncle lives in Japan too...

      i hope they will safe....#prayforjapan

    4. t-aranwaterjewel


      @dyacyrus I hope that your uncle will be fine and safe also

  5. Happy Mothers Day~!<3

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    2. kangeunri


      its 22 dec here..

    3. ultimateasianbomb
    4. Sweettreasurer


      it's alrdy june 1 here!..in june 6 is our first day class!lol

  6. School tomorrow :{ and we have to run too X{ Hwaiting~!

    1. t-aranwaterjewel
    2. dis_crazy_girl
    3. t-aranwaterjewel


      oh we didn't run but we did run this week lol XP

  7. Eunjung is gonna be on WGM!!! I can't wait so see whos she's with. So excited~!

    1. ultimateasianbomb
    2. iwuvt-ara


      Ultimate u mean "me too" lol

    3. ultimateasianbomb


      ....ME 2 i meant i cant wait either

  8. Hyomin unnie we all love you~!<3 Hwaiting!

    1. kinoebe


      YEah,haters go away!~ hahah. :)

    2. t-aranwaterjewel
  9. Too many ideas coming X{

    1. kinoebe


      write it down bbkhel,you may forgot that bunch of ideas, so take a note kay?? :) DAEBAK!!~ finalize it soon!! <3 U!

    2. t-aranwaterjewel


      I will well I always keep it in my mind. O.O but yea i try to take notes :) Thanks for supporting me appa :D lol

  10. Happy Birthday Cute Baby Leader Boram Unnie~! ^^

  11. Happy Birthday Jiyeon~!<3

    1. JYP_Rash19


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jiyeonnie~hehe..

  12. Ah~! I need to Focus O.O!

    1. t-aranwaterjewel


      Thanks Dhee unnie ^^

  13. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

    1. Hyorie


      I'm sorry, I only saw this after such a long time as i've been on a long hiatus. Still, thank you for the birthday wishes! ^_^

  14. Sorry for the late reply but Happy New Year~! :)

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      its okay hehe :)

      sorry for my late reply too ^^

      happy new year :D

  15. Wow it's been a long time since I was here ...

  16. Happy New Year Everyone~! (sorry it's late ^^")

  17. I hope Jiyeon is alright . Get well soon Jiyeon~!

  18. Your welcome and yea it is right? So Hyomin is your fave too Cool~!

  19. Your very welcome and yea Joonmin~! <3 ^^

  20. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! I hope you will like it here! Enjoy~!

  21. yes u can lol. Ur welcome!

  22. Hi! Welcome to Tiara Diadem!

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