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  1. I miss you too~! X{

    Sorry 4 the late reply.

    I'm okay :)

    Take Care~!

  2. I'll read you fanfic :)

    oh really that's cool. Your half? What's your other half?

  3. I'm good too :)

    hm Which fanfic? O.O

    oh but thanks :D

  4. I'm ok too :)

    yea it has been a while huh, sorry about that :(

  5. It's okay I understand

    I'm not here too when you were here :(

    and yea I will miss all my classmates X{

    I'm gonna be in high school O.O

    yea I am Filipino. ^^

  6. It's okay i understand.

    I've been busy too :(

    but Hwaiting~!

    oh and your welcome ^^

  7. lol :D

    So is there anything new with you? Anything new happened?

  8. lol it's ok I understand still.

    If you want I'll speak tagalog to u then since Pinoy ka din diba? but sorry kung mali spelling ko :( still not good at spelling in tagalog XP

    oh it's okay if ur not that close with her yet. We were like that too ^^ and yea I guess we really became more close now. :) like u and me :D

  9. lol sorry ^^"

    that's good :)

    I don't have school now cuz it's summer break here. Wait when is ur summer break?

  10. lol thanks and yea ikr my mom said so that when we go there it won't be hard for us to talk. :)

    hm We stay in Laguna I think that's what the place is called. Where do you live?

  11. me neither...

    It's so boring when it's summer vacation, that's what I don't like about it XP

    Your on summer vacation now too right?

  12. Merry Christmas~!

    and Welcome to Tiara Diadem!

  13. Nice meeting you too ^^

    so how are you?

  14. No it's okay me too sorry for the late reply :(

    yup I went vacation there like 2 summers ago I think and no I'm full Filipino from what I know ^^

  15. oh aw I see.

    I heard of that place before ^^

    but if we do go there I think we will go to Manila cause that's were some of my other family members live :)

  16. oh hi sungmin ^^

    but sorry i gtg now. :(

    bye bye~!

  17. oh i know what you mean and it's okay. We have exams now to X{

    Hwaiting to the both of us then~! ^^

  18. oh I might take a while to reply after this k.

    I gotta go do something but I'll be back ^^

    TTYL K

  19. Oh i see ^^ U can do it~! Fighting~! ur so hard working :D

    Me? well we did have finals but it's over now , now i'm on my winter break so I have a lot of time lol so I'm like always on now :D

  20. oh ok that's cool ^^

    oh the Mod um you can check with Princess Unicorn because I know that she is mod for the fanfic section.

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