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  1. Welcome to TiaraDiadem!

  2. aww Unnie i missed u too! I wanted to talk to u but u weren't on. :(

    Still Hwaiting!

  3. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! Thanks for joining! I hope you will like it here! Enjoy~!

  4. Thanks! Lol i didn't know if it was good or not.

  5. Hi! I am kinda new here! and yea u can add me too! Thanks i hope we can become friends too! :)

  6. Thanks 4 the help i really need it! thanks u and proud pinoy!!

  7. I'll try to work on it but i'm kinda of busy cuz oh school so yea

  8. Thanks! And i understand. :)

  9. Hi! I'm pinoy too! I hope we can be friends!

  10. Hi! I hope we can b friends!

  11. Hi! I hope we can be friends.

  12. I think i am cuz both my parents r pinoy just tht i was born here.

  13. Hi! I hope we can b friends! T-ara hwaiting!

  14. lol really i didn't notice we were the same age. lol

  15. ohh yea and thanks 4 adding me too

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