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  1. oh okay I'll remember to read it ^^

    I live in California. How about you?

    oh and I think the mod did that. I won't be able to do that.

  2. oh okay then you too then :)

    Good night~!

    Sleep well~!


  3. Oh really that's cool :D

    I'm Filipino too ^^

  4. Oh That's cool ^^

    Um I guess dongsaeng is okay but you can call me Jewel if you cuz some people here do that :) How about you What should I call you? Unnie?

  5. Oh that's cool and yea they are huh :D

    um yea I;m writing a fanfic :)

  6. oh yea

    I started that like last year too but um I'm not done yet. Almost

  7. ohh ok pero 13 lang ako, 1 year lang tayo apart ok lang kung ate tawag mo ^^ Hinidi kasi ako sani na "Po" tawag sa akin sorry ^^"

    Hmm hindi nasa U.S. ako pero marungo ako mag tagalog :D

  8. ohh ok then ^^

    Tell me too then okay :)


  9. ohh okay I'll go read it and aw :(

    I hope the rain goes away soon.

  10. ohh really

    that's good then ^^

  11. ohh thts cool :)

    School? It's ok I guess.

  12. ohh thts good to hear. Thanks unnie :)

    I'm ok thanks for caring about my studies and health i've been doing good. How about u?

  13. ohh thts ok i understand and thanks.

    Wait i forgot ur name is it eyeda or not? sorry

  14. Ok I'll tell you ^^

    but idk when that will be :( but still I hope that we will see each other soon~! :D

  15. ok lang ^^

    hmm hindi ako boran dyan dito ako sa U.S. pina anak pero tinuro ako nag Naynay ko nag mag tagalog saka naka punta na ako dyan minsan sa maga summer vacation namin ^^

    oh and thanks u ^^ Cute din yun sayo :D Is it Hyewon? right?

  16. really that's cool~!

    Lucky u =3= lol have fun~! ^^

    Ikr me too I wish that they could go over here or yea I could over there. :D

    it would be so much fun~! :) I would be really happy ^^

  17. she is ok :)

    My day was ok.

    Hi unnie!

  18. sorry :( I saw it and I was like "New Signature!" X{ I haven't watched that part yet but i will soon :D

    I hear Suzy & Tacyeon's character kiss! NO! I don't really like them O.O

  19. Sorry but I got to go now I still have school tomorrow. Talk to you tomorrow or some other time bye.

    Sorry I couldn't message u it wouldn't work.

  20. sorry but I have to go now :(

    I wish we could talk longer but I have go to sleep soon.

    Thanks for the small chat though. Talk to u tomorrow k ^^

    Til then bye~!

  21. sorry unnie i got to go now.

    TTYL :)

  22. Thanks ^^

    Hwaiting in school~! :D

    Take Care~! :)

  23. Thanks ^^

    I love yours too :D JiMin~!<3

  24. Thanks for understanding ^^

    oh and yea she's my friend also :)

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