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  1. Thanks ^^

    I love yours too :D JiMin~!<3

  2. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  3. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  4. lol thanks and yea ikr my mom said so that when we go there it won't be hard for us to talk. :)

    hm We stay in Laguna I think that's what the place is called. Where do you live?

  5. So um what do you want to talk about?

  6. Thanks ^^

    Hwaiting in school~! :D

    Take Care~! :)

  7. ok lang ^^

    hmm hindi ako boran dyan dito ako sa U.S. pina anak pero tinuro ako nag Naynay ko nag mag tagalog saka naka punta na ako dyan minsan sa maga summer vacation namin ^^

    oh and thanks u ^^ Cute din yun sayo :D Is it Hyewon? right?

  8. yea ik huh ^^

    It's good though cuz then u two ways to speak to each other, one in English and the other in Tagalog. :D

  9. That's great :D

    me? not so well but I'm still fine it's just that I'm not feeling well cause of my cough. :(

  10. Oh really that's cool :D

    I'm Filipino too ^^

  11. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  12. lol it's ok I understand still.

    If you want I'll speak tagalog to u then since Pinoy ka din diba? but sorry kung mali spelling ko :( still not good at spelling in tagalog XP

    oh it's okay if ur not that close with her yet. We were like that too ^^ and yea I guess we really became more close now. :) like u and me :D

  13. That's good ^^

    I live in California

    and u?

  14. Nice meeting you too ^^

    so how are you?

  15. Thanks for understanding ^^

    oh and yea she's my friend also :)

  16. Hi there~!

    Thanks for adding me ^^

  17. Thanks for adding me~! ^^

  18. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~! I hope that you will like it here. Enjoy~!

  19. I'm ok too :)

    yea it has been a while huh, sorry about that :(

  20. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~! I hope that you will like it here. Enjoy~!

  21. Ok I'll tell you ^^

    but idk when that will be :( but still I hope that we will see each other soon~! :D

  22. Happy Birthday Jiyeon~!<3

    1. JYP_Rash19


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jiyeonnie~hehe..

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