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  1. yup :)

    so what have you been up to lately?

  2. ^^ Nice meeting you too! Oh cute signature, Jimin!

  3. actually no its no like u need certain post or anything. r u at the right place? i don't want to sound mean :( but u can always try it again like the pics the pics i think u need to browse it form ur comp.

  4. actually yea i do ^^ but i don't really use it so much... ^^"

  5. Ah~! I need to Focus O.O!

    1. t-aranwaterjewel


      Thanks Dhee unnie ^^

  6. aw :( tht's okay I understand :) Hwaiting!!! I'll be one of those waiting kk

  7. Aw how cute~! Hi unnie! I missed u too! Sorry for the late reply :(

  8. Aw how sweet of u to say ^^ Ur a good friend too :)

  9. aw I hope that you will get better soon then~!

  10. aw oh ok. and thanks lol. ohh i forgot to tell my bro cuz i left yesterday but thanks 4 reminding me. Hope we can talk again unnie.

  11. aw poor unnie :( U can do it ^_^ Hwaiting!!!

  12. aw really :( Me well now i'm kinda sick so i'm staying home for a while till i get better ><

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