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  1. Hi! do u have any pics of Qri u want me to use 4 the edited thing i did? if u do can u send it to me cuz i'm not sure if u'll like the 1 i'll make.

  2. Hi! Cute signature pic!

  3. Hi! Unnie how have u been? I haven't talk to u 4 awhile.

  4. i mean welcome. typo lol ohh & the url u send me won't work 4 me idk y?

  5. no sory. idk y though. i send u a pm can u put it there it mite work. sorry

  6. ohh sorry thts not wat i meant i mean can u put the pic there so i can just copy & paste cuz wen its here it won't work 4 some reason. sorry 4 the misunderstanding sorry

  7. ohh ok its the 1 wit only qri where shes wearing black & white shirt rite?

  8. aw oh ok. and thanks lol. ohh i forgot to tell my bro cuz i left yesterday but thanks 4 reminding me. Hope we can talk again unnie.

  9. Unnie! r u there? I'm bored too cuz i'm not talking to u or some1 else.

  10. Hi! I like ur story! Its so good!

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