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  1. aw really X{ I hope you will get better soon~! :) Me I guess I'm ok :D

  2. aw thanks. And oh okay Good nite~! Sleep well~! Sweet Dreams~! :D

  3. aww really thanks! :) sorry 4 the late reply. :(

  4. aww thanks :) And of course I will look! :)

  5. Aww thanks! :) I'm percussionist like xylophones and drums so i'm in the back. I'm ok with it though but then I'm the only girl in that section lol!

  6. aww thanks! Unnie is cute too and yea it's ok cuz i missed u too! :( and ohh ok I hope u enjoy ur breakfast! :)

  7. aww thanks. then u must be very nice and caring. :) and sorry for the late reply sorry.

  8. aww unnie :) I really missed u and it's ok. So how have u been? ohh and sorry 4 the late reply

  9. aww unnie is so sweet! I care about u alot too. :D I really wish I can get to know u more, but i think i already know enough for us to be this close :D

  10. Bakit po tawag mo sa akin piling ko tuloy na matanta ako na madami O_O lol mabuti naman yun ^^ Ok lang din ako (sorry if it's wrong spelling)

  11. Bye bye~! You can do it~! Hwaiting~! Win~! ^^

  12. cuz i'm not sure what to talk about and i'm boring X{

  13. Eunjung is gonna be on WGM!!! I can't wait so see whos she's with. So excited~!

    1. ultimateasianbomb
    2. iwuvt-ara


      Ultimate u mean "me too" lol

    3. ultimateasianbomb


      ....ME 2 i meant i cant wait either

  14. Good nite! Sweet Dreams! TTYL to u tomorrow too

  15. Happy Birthday Cute Baby Leader Boram Unnie~! ^^

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