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  1. :( yea i know but said u will be back. Hwaiting!
  2. ur welcome! its a really good story so u deserve to be praised.

  3. lol yea i'm really 13 yrs old & thanks?

  4. thanks unnie & i hope we can talk more too

  5. Hi Panda! I like pandas too & T-ara of course! lol

  6. Yea they r like totally wicked dude (from finding nemo i think it was wicked or awesome lol)

  7. lol i haven't seen tht since i went over my friends house over the summer lol They r.

  8. Hi unnie! How r u? I haven't talk to u 4 awhile.

  9. Hi Oppa! How have u been? I haven't talk to u 4 a long time!

  10. Welcome to Tiara Diadem!

  11. Lol I already read it! Its getting me more in the story lol. I'm trying to start a fanfic but i need to think about the story more but i already posted it up.

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