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  1. I didn't expect Dani will shows up..happy so happy to see her interact with Jiyeon and Eunjung. Thank you for A-Queen for showing support and make T-ara happy.
  2. ^^ @ aspenx, thank you for all these informations. Understand that all these stuff was maded for japanese fans but i think they should have to be more concerned about inter fan too
  3. Eun-Jung is really great and she's proven it since the first episode. She has really a lot of potential, I hope to see more in the following episode. Good Job Eun-Jung!
  4. Thank you for the New's translation, woo..can't wait to see apache MV and hear 'What up' song
  5. OMG, Eun Jung's wink & aigoo makes me go crazier, why are you like this?... tarabest, you jjang.
  6. GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!!! can't wait to see her on stage with her awesome voice & perfect charm. Miss her.
  7. this pics she's so cute, did not see her twit before..this is her first twit?
  8. Thanks for sharing, can't get enough of new EunJeong's photo
  9. Jiyeon pairing with Jokwon, Oh, this was so interesting
  10. LOL.. poor hyomin.. just wonder, what Jiyeon revealed hyomin's secret...
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