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  1. cm vs tem cx mệt :)) làm cái chỗ Most avtive in nó 3 chấm wá =)) phải edit cái age lại mới đc =)))))))))

  2. trời ơi, động trời =)) đọc cả cái list VM của nóa toàn fic là fic.. Giun ơi là Giun :))

  3. Ka*


    are u active on 360kpop or T7VN?

  4. Ka*

    nice to meet u, im from hcm-vietnam too^^

  5. I see :) I'm eunjung fan too! I'm like that too! WE COOL LIKE THAT!Lmfao :)

  6. YOYOYO! lol I'm Junggie at FollowJung... LOL! i didn't know you had a Account on here >__< Nice to meet you again..LOL

  7. thank you so much! ^^

  8. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  9. wow... it's a good news congrats unnie... our "goodwill ambassador" love u so much... unnie fighting!
  10. where is she? I can't find her... more pics plz... I love this dress.. It was so beautiful.. can't wait to see this film by the way.. thanks for sharing
  11. I love this outfit... black and red.. they are beautiful Hyomin has a new hairstyle.. I love it... but I like to see her when her hair was long... can't wait until next month... can't wait to see new album releases
  12. She's so cute... I'd love to see her like this... love her so much!
  13. I love Eun Jung's hair.. I can't stop laughing when I saw that... They're look so funny... ^^! Can't wait to watch this show... thanks a lot!
  14. they are so pretty... :) they are studying ^_^ I really like the pic of Ji-Jung, they are study together <3 I love this couple I can't wait to watch this show! ^_^
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