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  1. Aww , Jiyeon don't cryy She looked so adorable even though she is crying ! Downloaded the photo set and Jiyeon is so pretty in there ! Hope she enjoys the SBS Heroes !
  2. Aww , first picture , Jiyeon is so pretty and adorable ! Hope there is a video on their performance ! I want to seeeeeeeee !
  3. Thank you for sharing the photos ! I love Jiyeon and Qri with the Geek spectacles Hahah , ! Look extremely cuteeeeeeee They should have more photos taken like that !
  4. Hahaha , Jiyeon with or without eye liner is still my pretty and cute idol ! But i prefer Jiyeon with her eyeliner !
  5. Hahaha , Jiyeon forgot her password ! So cute ! Hope she will update her twitter more often ! Have been following her twitter but seen no updates ! ;x Finally saw some updates today ! Jiyeon , loveee you !
  6. Hyomin ! Don't disappear ! T-ARA won't be nice without you anymore ! Don't take their comments into your heart ! Everything will be fine ! Saranghae Hyomin !
  7. Oooo ! Nice Mv teaser ! Hope to hear the new song coming up tomorrow I think they shouldn't auto tuned hyomin's voice because it is already really nice to hear .
  8. Hyomin is a beautiful girl ! Yeah ! I can't wait for the song to release on the 10th too ! Hope someone or some kind soul will upload the videos / song in youtube so we can hear ! Hope the song will be nice !
  9. Haha , yeahs ! Same to you :)

  10. You're Q-ri's lover too XD~. Nice to be friend with you

  11. I saw the video of them ! Nice remix and they danced very well ! Jiyeon jiyeon jiyeon fighting ! ^^
  12. Ha ! Thanks so much for this link So i don't have any more trouble downloading the video because i cannot access to Megaupload download ! Thank you thank you
  13. I feel that this are all their craps . They do not have evidence at all . Somemore Jiyeon's cute and pretty ! Her voice is also sweet ! Why would she even pull T-ara down ? These are all ways to let you guys dislikes Ji-yeon ! The true fans will continue to support Ji-yeon no matter what ! Jiyeon , i love you !
  14. I feel that this is so unfair to T-ara . At least they should give the credits saying that it is from T-ARA . Don't you guys think so ? I just find it unfair and unbearable because they do not have their own originality . T-ara 's Bo peep Bo peep is still the best in our hearts
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