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  1. this is just utterly idiot... i dont know what to say about this old man...
  2. i do have this ominous feeling that hyoyoung is still there in ccm solely for the purpose of getting hwayoung silent... my imagination is running me away into mud pit...
  3. one pd doesnt make it too bad... one station in the other hand, is dangerous... i dont know what show this pd responsible with... if he can say that he wont cast someone, then he must be a head pd of a program... never heard him actually as i only watch runningman and i dont remember his name were there... the problem is eunjung role is actually in a bit of shaky situation...
  4. it is confirmed right now... 1. stupid risk management and after that damage control 2. Bad PR
  5. our unconscious part of the brain often misleads us. if we hate something, we -unconsciously- make assumptions about that thing negatively. but peoples mind also -unconsciously- happened to be optimistic in its nature. so if one turns back into an anti from a fan, it might be that theyre not a fan in the first place, but kind of swayed in the wave of positive remarks of t-ara until this things surfaced. real fan (some might say deluded) tend to think optimistically about an issue regarding what they like. (well at least thats what i can bring here after watching BBC horizon... kekekekeke)
  6. its all because of KKS toying with us, if he wants to remove someone just remove her, if he want to add someone then just add her... sparking a war between the group members will never be an effective way to improve their popularity nor their skills... i dont really want him to get out from CCM since he is the one that gave birth to T-ara, but he really have to get rid that "status quo" mentality... we fans dont have enough energy to be bugged with that kind of problem... if only he become a more compassionate person when dealing with this issue then most of us might have no problem with the addition just like how most of us finally began to love RYU...
  7. oh nearly a year im active for the first time before went in a hiatus for months

  8. what, if they asking for a rest then you say that they arent doing their best? and so to solve that when you fell they are rebellious you spark a war between themself? i kindly ask you to disband T-ara then... find another toy to play...
  9. can this shift means change in role rather than change the person? i mean is the korean words give any room for another possibilities other than change the person? if isnt then this is suck as a cow dung...
  10. well it exhausting but it saves the time spent for making trips from one place to another... i guess its still less exhausting then jumping from this place to that place,,, sitting in a car is actually not comfy... and it can also strengthen their bond as well...
  11. most of the kid might be like this,,, (who the hell they are...) hahahaha, not knowing who eunjung and jangwoo are...
  12. seems like most of them come from bali taking ferry... at the morning there arent even ten of them..
  13. rather than rest its just, stop korean activities, then switched it to japan... nothing much different... i guess stop acting means no new contracts, the remaining one will still be done since it already signed, means that WGM and the chinese one for hyomin will still continue... (in my opinion)
  14. i laughed at the one that record this vids, she just cant handle the handsomeness of jangwoo... nice job pal!!!! it looks like its so funny but i cant make out what they said,,,
  15. well living in an archipelago country are not convenient in this matter,,, its too far from the capital...
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