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  1. EunJung is so cute as always and Amber is also very cute. It's funny to see the two together. Fighting EunJung!!!!
  2. OMG! I can't wait to see their comeback. A few more hours and I finally can see my princesses back. L.O.V.E T-ara
  3. Oh she's so cute playing games. JiYeon and EunJung was so funny.
  4. I can't wait for this comeback. I loved the track names , I hope the songs be great. I want listen this songs more quickly i can.
  5. Oh my gosh i can't wait for this mv. This song is so amazing. I'm really looking forward to this comeback. This song will make very sucessful.
  6. I loved the mv dance version from Cry Cry. I love this coreography, is awesome. *-* Anyone know when they will leave the full version of the Cry Cry mv?
  7. Every day I stay more and more fall in love for this group. Only those who are humble can recognize when something doesn't make something so good as they said of they Cry Cry comeback performance They really was seeming felling tired and nervous, but with each performance show they are improving.
  8. So cute this pic... So cute the two together JiYeon
  9. For me, this was the best performance so far of Cry Cry and I loved the red clothes, they were very sexy, especially Jiyeon.
  10. Eunjung, my love. She is a great actress, and a great singer. Eunjung deserves every success in the world because it is very hardworking and talented. She's too perfect.
  11. How nice that our girls are doing well in the charts with Cry Cry. I wish all best of luck to them.
  12. EunJung looks so pretty and cute. She's so beautiful, i love her eyes. *-*
  13. I'm speechless. ~ Dance practice video is FLAWLESS. Best dancing I've seen in a while. T-ara
  14. Nice pics. EunJung is so beautiful. I love JiYeon's and RwaYoung's new hair.
  15. OMG! Cry cry part I is amazing. I'm really proud to be a DIADEM. ♥ Jiyeon worked perfectly. ♥ I need to see the 2nd part.
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