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  1. OMGGG!! LEE HAERI WHY YOU BECAME MORE AND MORE BEAUTIFUL FROM DAY TO DAY?!! You make me can breath!! eonni-ah ~ http://t.co/unlhCeyx

  2. Davichi in Fashion Magazine

    Cr: WE-DUO,DavichiChina http://t.co/ql1zgUyX

  3. lol~ im smiling by myself. goshhh

  4. My girls!! http://t.co/ltHRkhrD ok. Im done spamming. Please rest. Tylla S.Chara!

  5. Ask me questions about song of the week? What yo http://t.co/o5CQyeah

  6. Taeyeon - Genie opening (111210 Girls' Generation Tour in Singapore) http://t.co/69ye49hX

  7. 1% phone batt left. Lappy's dead already. TT__TT

  8. Expensive Moments of Eunjung and Qyuri 생일 축하한다!! ~~ 우리는 모두 사랑! ^^ #HappyBirthdayEunjungQri http://t.co/jfvR54PZ

  9. T-ARA Lovely Dovey behind the scane RT @QriPretty http://t.co/jgzcnIpG

  10. DAVICHI's D.E.T INTERNATIONAL FANPAGES AVATAR (OCTOBER) Visit: http://t.co/uBlSMKae http://t.co/k4ZjYNqI

  11. Unnie-ah~ you missed SUNBYUNG? IY2!! ~ RT @b89530 드링크꿀꺽^^ 아침부터 든든하시네예~~ 따봉 http://t.co/uQer7o2N

  12. Basic standing capturing picture @tweethaeri send my love to you ~ Congratulation! http://t.co/dyqYYGFJ

  13. Big poster : T-ARA SUDDEN ATTACK http://t.co/c9ME8BPN

  14. So beautiful RT @tarawota:天気いいのでなんとなく江ノ島。何故か船に乗ってますw


  15. T-Ara schedule 12월10일(토) 티아라 스케줄▶ http://t.co/LaGYa2fL via @T_Mystic

  16. i was so enjoying reading some fan-fic. It was really exciting. lololol JiMin love lines was daebark!

  17. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/cMAG8bwI T-ara - Cry Cry : Comeback Stage 2/2

  18. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/sIj5FxGg Davichi & December - Whenever You Call (Jun 26, 2011)

  19. Nervous!! Nervous!! MUET. :oooo

  20. What happen on me?. I got blank for a minute. My brain dead. lol

  21. I'm STRESS! I'm nervouse.

  22. Congratulation Malaysia!! *Proud* #Malaysiawon Terseksa my nails. ^__^

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