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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun and Enjoy~! :D

  2. hey, ur kpop bias list is so similar to mine!!!!

    btw saengil chukahae^^

  3. dont be too harsh on youselves t-ara~ we fans will always support you..FOREVER^^
  4. now netizenz, shouldnt they show some understanding?? cos im pretty sure if they were going throught this packed schedule everyday and getting only 2-3 hours of sleep theyd be so alienated-- so lets make this easy for jiyeon and t-ara and give them sum support! not just blaming how bad looking she was on stage.. look on the good side man..she was really great for their other perfs~~~~
  5. boram unni is so cute^^ and so is hwayoung~ shes really trying her best to fit into the group!!! woah jiyeon fighting!!!!
  6. doenst the stylists think this is abit to much for them??? if they get sick you peoples are gonna get sued >_>
  7. omgosh..UNNI ahh>< you should all keep warm!!! despict the fact that you are t-ara Dx but you guys are so pro and made no fuss TT,TT please tell me this is the last time ur doing this.. t-ara JJANG!!!
  8. :oO Eunjung unni.. omgosh, im so worried for you>< hope you get well soon!!! t-ara needs you, we fans need you too D; 빨리 병원에서 나와~~ EUNJUNG JJANG~^^*
  9. haha kiyeoweo jiyeon wide-eyed girl gws hyoyoung!!!!
  10. I found you here, Yoojin! LOL

  11. Hi hi~! How have u been. Sorry about the last time :(

  12. ohh wait ur 169cm isn't tht 5"6? Cuz i'm 5"6 too. sorry i'm not used to cm yet... but it's not obvious about ur skin and hair, i don't see how it's bad.

  13. hehe no need to be sorry~

    well im 169cm/42kg *sigh*

    but i have a baby face >,<

    my hair is actually really bad D;

    and my skin is terrible..even worse than my hair :P

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