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  2. My precious 7-Ara... This is tiring...

  3. I don't mind anymore :)

  4. Im having final exams today. Fighting!

  5. LOL top story now is Music Bank with T-ara's Lovey Dovey article <3

  6. Yesterday's perf was too awesome, that's Y I feel a bit disappointed today!

  7. One last thing, I really wanna know the original ver of Lovey Dovey choreography XD they have to change a bit cuz of eunjung's condition!

  8. OMG LOL I love Jiyeon x her sunbae XD

  9. Turns out @christy_yokesim unnie gave me the real nam gyuri account afterall <3

  10. Was about to sleep soon but then Seob makes me stay up late :P#HappySeobDay

  11. All afternoon watching Seeya mvs...

  12. No Jiyeon in Roly Poly musical press conference...

  13. Dinner time, bye~

  14. IKR >< RT @GiovanniPiaCOED: ACTUALLY THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!! RT @LinkJchan OMG I WISH WTF >< disgusting max ><

  15. Song Seung Hun oppa send message to Vietnamese fans omg so happy /crycry TT.TT http://t.co/D4Qshmbb

  16. 2 great MyungYeon fics updated: Voiceless Cries and The Spring omg tonight is such a beautiful night <3

  17. SO CREATIVE XD -- Roly Poly Taekwondo Dance http://t.co/cX3r5uVc via @youtube

  18. That fanaccount is long ago alr :o can't believe I missed them all :o

  19. Mom is so stubborn, it's totally her fault yet keep acting like a boss. Whatever mom, now it all depends on dad's decision!

  20. MBC Gayo Daejun is soooo good, much better than the other 2 omg <3 Love the audience XD that's what we call real music festival XD

  21. #nowplaying Man (death bell ost) - Nam Gyuri <3 But juz watched DB today and don't even hear this song in the movie???
  22. Watching Death Bell now cuz of Nam Gyuri XD Kim Bum so cute back then XD

  23. I'm interested in Me too, flower because of Siyoon oppa <3

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